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  • Author Rocco Lacertosa
  • Published June 22, 2024
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Those of us who live in the five boroughs of New York City and Nassau, Suffolk, and Westchester counties are getting cleaner, greener Bioheat® fuel delivered to our homes by local fuel providers. This lower-carbon version of heating oil produces fewer emissions while reducing carbon output, making it better for the environment—but it also has an impact on our local NY economy. According to, the Bioheat® fuel industry employs over 75,000 people and counting, many of whom are members of our communities.

A blend of traditional heating oil and renewable biodiesel, Bioheat® fuel has a crucial role to play within the New York economy. Fuel providers that have been serving our communities for generations deliver Bioheat® fuel, and the rise in demand for Bioheat® fuel has translated to more job opportunities for our neighbors and friends. These hardworking, dedicated folks help to take care of our communities every day by bringing us the fuel we need to keep our homes warm and our families safe.

Economic Diversity, Superior Customer Service, & Sustainability

Since the biodiesel in Bioheat® fuel is made from renewable agricultural byproducts, many types of local businesses are involved in biodiesel production. These businesses include livestock producers, restaurant owners, and biodiesel producers, which greatly expands the ways Bioheat® fuel impacts the New York economy and our everyday lives.

Bioheat® fuel helps family-owned and operated businesses continue to grow and support local jobs. These businesses are expanding their product offerings to meet demand while ensuring the sustainability of their operations and superior customer service. That means we get to enjoy a resilient local business environment that can continue to grow. The shift toward Bioheat® fuel also aligns with an increasing consumer desire for environmental responsibility, as many NY residents work toward shrinking their carbon footprint.

Simply put, Bioheat® fuel is great for the environment, the New York economy, and your friends and neighbors. Discover more benefits of Bioheat® fuel when you visit There, you will find more information to expand your knowledge about this low-carbon energy solution.

A resource to learn about the benefits of renewable, low-carbon heating fuel in New York City's five boroughs, Long Island and Westchester.

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