Essential Ingredients of Balanced Diet for People on Dieting

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  • Published September 11, 2008
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People nowadays are very conscious about their health and gaining weight. All want to posse’s good health and look slim and smart. For all this, people take various measures they do exercise, skip meals or eat less. Even some go for dieting. Exercise along with dieting is good. However, one should not forget that exaggerating things could create problems. To avoid these upcoming problems people should plan their diet chart along with exercise. Balanced diet for people in dieting is very essential. Otherwise, chances are there they can lose even the required amount of food intake. Therefore, always try to eat right amount of food. Never overeat or eat less.

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. People in dieting can have glass of juice and cereals in breakfast. Try to eat less starchy foods. It includes bread, cereals, rice, pasta and potatoes. Starchy foods should make up about third of the food which one eat. Though some think that starchy foods are fattening, gram contains less than half the calories of fat. Just see the fat contain while cooking and serving these foods, because this is what increases the calorie content.

Cut down on saturated fat and sugar. They are rich in calories. Try to each less food, which contains heavy fats like cream, cheese, butter, cakes, ice cream, and biscuits. Instead, one can eat food cooked in soya oil, sunflower, rapeseed and olive oil. Having sugary foods and drinks too often can cause tooth decay, especially when taken between the meals. Also, try to eat less salt. It can be harmful in increasing cholesterol. Only eat as much food as needed, make healthy choices - it's a good idea to choose low-fat and low-sugar varieties, eat plenty of fruit and vet and wholegrain. Whenever one eats more than the body needs, we put on weight. Drinking enough of water is very important. Water does not allow staying for extra fats to get stored. It is drained off. Drinking alcohol should be avoided. Alcohol is also high in calories, so cutting down could help in controlling weight.

Meat and fish should be eaten less. If one eats also then it should not be over cooked in oil. Too much of spices should be avoided. Instead, one can have cornflakes. Eating rice also can help in increasing weight. People should avoid all the things, which can increase their weight. Eating snacks outside like pizzas and sandwiches should be avoided. Eat those things that are easy to digest and eating less from the amount of hunger can also help in dieting.

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