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  • Author Lana Hawkins
  • Published September 5, 2008
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There are a number of things you can do to help you lose weight. There are also some things that you should really try to avoid. Use these dos and don'ts, below, to help you shed pounds and avoid weight gain.


  • Trim the fat from all meat products.

  • Eat coconut oil or coconut milk daily to lose more. Coconut oil provides healthy fat that nourishes the thyroid and speeds up the metabolism so that people can easily lose weight.

  • Drink water every day so your urine in light colored. This keeps you hydrated and not craving food as a substitute for fluids.

  • Eat three servings of vegetables a day.

  • Eat at least two fruits a day.

  • Get moving! Add more movement every day.

  • Cut your treats in half.

  • Eat white meat instead of red or dark meat and save calories and fat.

  • Eat a high fiber cereal first thing in the morning to boost your metabolism.

  • Eat whole-wheat pasta and bread.

  • Avoid sugar. Sugar can dehydrate the body and add unneeded calories.

  • Snack, but snack smart. Choose snacks that are low in sugar, but are high in fiber.

  • Eat more fish and eggs. They contain healthy protein that is essential to muscle growth.

  • Consume 3 servings of dairy daily.

  • Do stretches at your desk.


  • Fad diets. A recent university study found that dieters are most likely to lose weight on a diet if they haven't tried that particular diet in the past.

  • Eat soy foods and soymilk. "More than 60 years of studies prove that soy adversely affects the thyroid, most often manifesting as hypothyroidism with its symptoms of weight gain, lethargy, malaise and fatigue," says nutrition expert Kaayla T. Daniel, PhD, CCN, "and in Japan soy protein was used traditionally to fatten animals!" Google, Kaayla T. Daniel, PhD and soy, to find out more about the negatives of soy.

  • Starve yourself. Cutting out too many calories can make your body go into starvation mode. During this time, your body hoards fat, instead of losing it. The weight loss you see comes mostly from the loss of water and muscle.

  • Use diuretics. Your body does the same thing with water. If you flush your system with diuretics, your body will go into survival mode and hoard water, making you bloated.

  • Drink lots of caffeine. Caffeine works as a diuretic. Enough said.

  • Overeat. Remember, everything in moderation.

  • Eat more than one treat a day unless they are really, really tiny.

  • Cut carbs and eat tons of meat.

  • Drink your calories. Say no to soda and extra sugar in tea and coffee.

  • Eat fried foods. Try some healthier choices like making homemade baked fries.

  • Go to a restaurant without a plan.

  • Eat refined grains like white rice and those used to make white bread and sugary breakfast cereals. They have had most of their fiber and nutrients striped away.

Combining all of these tips can add up to a dramatic weight loss and better health. Start adding them to your life, one by one, until you are consistently using all of the tips above.

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