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  • Author Joel Riley
  • Published September 11, 2008
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So you think you need to lose some weight and you want to do

it in a hurry; take the easy road. All you have to do is

sit down at your computer and type in "diets" and you will

finds hundreds of them; they are generally called "fad

diets" and some are potentially hazardous to your health.

In this email I will try to explain a few of these diets and

help you sort out the concepts of how they work.

One popular diet fad most people have heard about is the

Atkins Diet. This diet works on the theory that if you

consume a lower amount of carbohydrates, you'll lose a large

amount of weight in less time than most other diets.

This diet is reportedly able to give you some positive

results, but the nutritional value of the foods it

recommends to have while you're on this diet doesn't meet

what's really known as healthy. You must make the choice to

sacrifice nutritional health along with the weight.

Another fad you may have noticed is the Medifast diet. This

diet revolves around drinking shakes and eating things like

soup. Whether the products that you can get shipped to your

home truly have all of the protein and nutrients you need

remains to be seen. This diet is quite high in cost, but you

do get a couple of weeks' worth of meals.

A very popular and highly endorsed diet is the "Nutrisystem

Diet". A professional dietician decides which meals are

best suited for you for the of weight loss you are looking

for. These are very effective diets but you have to

remember, you can figure out yourself or with your doctor's

help, how to eat and lose weight. It just takes a little

more effort on your part, but you will save money.

Another low carbohydrate type of diet is called the "South

Beach Diet"; similar to the Atkins Diet, which eliminates

carbs and promises fast weight loss. These are pre-packaged

types of diets and are sold at the grocery store. Like the

Atkins, it is not suggested you remove the intake of

carbohydrates from your diet; it can lead to health problems

Some diets use the name of their diet to trick you into

thinking you can lose weight "fast"; as in "The Slim-Fast

Diet". This consists of making a shakes using slim fat milk

and have that for two meals a day. This is not a diet that

will give you instant results, so if you are looking to drop

some weight in a fast period of time, don't consider this


These are only but a very few of the hundreds of different

fads diets on the market. Before you decide to go on any

diet, it is best to consult your doctor as to how much

weight you need to lose and get his advice on the safest

method of doing so. With any diet, you must exercise for

best results; this increases your metabolism and helps you

to burn stored fat, which is how you lose weight.

I lost 40 lbs in 3 months with extreme dieting measures that almost destroyed my health. Spicy food + lots of milk that lead to serious diarrhea every day. I've been doing a bit of research after my dramatic weight loss experience and found that there's actually a PROGRAM designed to do what I attempted, except its basically more healthier and effective.

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