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  • Published September 11, 2008
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Kettle bell lifts are helpful for all parts of the body. It helps in body building, trimming the waist, making a person stronger without building muscles, repairing your back, boosting physical resilience, bringing flexibility to the body and builds strong legs. Kettlebells melt fat without resorting to diet restrictions or extreme dieting or even exercises like aerobics. It can confidently stated that it is a means of all round fitness.

In the most primitive form, a Kettle bell is just a big hunk of iron. To a user it is a great tool to get the best out of the human body. Kettlebells come in several sizes from 4kg to 40kg.

For the super strongmen and women the 105lbs. One can do standard weight training exercise with Kettlebells such as bench presses, curls and rows. However, the unique value of Kettle bell is derived from ballistic (fast exercise) work such as snatches, swings, clean, and jerks. An average man can start with a 12kg pounder and average women could start with a low 4kg pounder. To a naïve person, or one is uninitiated to the ways of the Kettlebell, it looks almost like a bloated Dumble.

The difference is that while this is partially true, anyone that has used both will tell that Kettle bell are much harder to handle and his is incidentally the benefit of a Kettle bell. Kettle bell handles are much thicker than dumbbells and they give a better grip while holding. The centered weight of Kettlebell will provide the user with more stabilized muscles and work on the targeted muscles through a longer range of motions. With dumbbells the weight is evenly distributed over your hand.

The Kettle bell exercise not only target the major muscles group but also target hard to work stabilizing muscles. It is a total body workout in a much shorter time frame. For combat athletes the ballistic Kettle bell is preferred as they absorb shock efficiently which is important for combat sports such as wrestling, football and ice hockey. The above reason is why MMA fighter like Frank Shamrock , B J Penn, and Fedor enhances their workouts with the Kettle bell.

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