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  • Published September 24, 2008
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Most people who are overweight blame their job and stress of making a living for their inability to eat right and get enough exercise. Too much work, too tired after work, too many business dinners.The list is endless , so are men’s sizes of belly --- upper and upper .

How to remove belly fat such as men’s Beer Gut ? This has become the top priority of the urban white-collar people .

As it is known to all, we often follow these ways when we are building the weight loss plan:exercises,slimming pills, diet therapy, slimming machine ( eg. High-frequency vibration belly fat removing instrument), acupuncture treatment , healthy diet , reducing alcohol take-in, and herbal weight loss.Unfortunately,few of them are effective and no rebound .

Here we put all the belly-fat-removing methods into 3 categories , according to their effects and rebound feedbacks :

The 1st kind speedy category

Adopting treatments of this category can be speedy in effectiveness and fat-reducing, however, is speedy in weight-rebounding as well. The typical treatments of this kind are slimming pills,diet and alcohol limitation.

1.Slimming pills

There are a lot of unapproved slimming pills which are without legitimate GMP certificate in the market. Not only their effectiveness can not be confirmed, but also their side effects could be worrisome to consumers.


This treatment inhibits the formation of obesity from the root by restrain one’s appetite and control the volume of his or her calorie absorption. It works less effectively on reducing abdominal fat due to its weak target-orientation.

3.Alcohol limitation

This treatment controls one’s weight by decreasing his or her business meals to limit his or her alcohol intake volume. However, it is not feasible to adopt this measure because it is inevitably to start drinking again due to work and social activities and he or she will gain a big abdomen which may need two months’ work to reduce in a shortly time of two weeks.

The 2nd kind Effective category

So called "effective category" was because the abdominal obesity treatment of this kind can effectively helps one to loose his or her stubborn abdominal fat.However,once the treatment stops,one will suffer a easily rebounded abdominal obesity.This category can be typically represented by sports, apparatus, and acupuncture which help to loose abdominal fat.

  1. Sports

Nowadays there are a lot of popular exercises targeting to loose abdominal fat such as rope skipping,jogging, aerobics, sit-ups, hula-hoop spinning, etc. Long-term insistence and sufficient strength volume should be paid in order to reduce abdominal fat,otherwise, not only won’t they be effectively, but also a worse abdominal fat rebound and increase will occurs.


The main measure to loose abdominal fat by using apparatus is with the help of high-frequency vibrating abdominal fat reducing machine. So far as we concerned, this machine can reverse the magnetic field of one’s body to reduce the abdominal fat effectively in the earlier stage of application. However, in the later stage of application,as one’s body magnetic field assimilated by that of the machine,the effectiveness will no longer exists.


This treatment is applied on abdomen to loose fat with the instruction of Traditional Chinese Medicine.It can reduce abdominal fat as effectively as sports and also needs long-term participation to prevent rebound.Furthermore, this treatment requires a high standard for practicing field and equipment and the high quality of practitioners due to its complexity.


The 3rd kind: Loss weight fast and effectively.

Due to extraction of active components from the traditional Chinese medicine,the basic structure and characteristics of human being and compatibility of science, the 3rd way is sure to loss abdominal extra fat fast and accurately.

In terms of the principal of stepwise losing weight,it could help neutralizing abdominal verruca without rebounding.

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