Exceptional Features In Modeling- Its Acceptance And Refusal

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  • Author Tom Smith Smith
  • Published October 2, 2008
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It is true for all that being extraordinary is always conflicting. This is because while some may find your extraordinary features if you have any, charming and acceptable, while others may find it unacceptable. Freckles, unusual hair color, piercing, moles, tattoos, scars and alike, are considered as some of the extraordinary features and it may probably hold the reason for your "Hit and Miss" of a great opportunity. Because among these mentioned features some of them may be good to make you stand out of the common crowd and you get noticed without any difficulties but there are some extraordinary features that may cause barrier in your modeling career.

If you are getting into modeling as a career, then you should understand the difference between "To get Notice and building a Career." And you should bear in mind that unlike career that brings you name, fame and luxurious life, getting notice simply by applying some make-ups, slipping into one of the trendiest costume, etc is just short lived. Let us take the various extraordinary features that are natural or are created. For instance features like freckles and naturally unusual hair color are natural extraordinary features. These features will surely make you noticeable and different from the others but such features may be advantageous or disadvantageous in your modeling career.

Most modeling agencies and scouts would appreciate such feature, while most agencies don't accept models with unnatural hair colors that are purposely done like blue, red or green or have done body piercing or created tattoos. It will be wrong to say that these candidates are rejected completely but they are hired for some special shows or photo sessions. Some modeling agencies ask you to color your hair for a particular type of assignment. So the demand and the requirements differ according to the agency and assignment. Body piercing, inking are purposely done to give additional attraction to their appearance, especially to look ‘Hot’. Though these "unusual" piercing are an effective tool that helps you to get noticed but effects your modeling career differently thus producing a mixed result. At the most they may ask you to remove your jewelry from your nose, eyebrow, lip and sometimes even from your ears (though ear piercing is normal) during the photo shoots. In case of tattoos and scar, modeling agencies and scout may pick you only for some special shows or photo sessions, because it may be hidden under clothes or under makeup. Same is the case with the moles. If it makes you charming then it is acceptable or if could be covered with makeup, then there is no problem otherwise …..

So if you have exceptional features then, be ready for the disappointment also so that it would not attack you suddenly because it is difficult to predict about the opinion of the modeling agents. Whatever exceptional feature you have, you must keep trying.

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