How to mix fat burners and creatine?

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  • Published April 12, 2009
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Fat burners, and creatine supplements do different functions within your body. Creatine supplements can significantly increase lean muscle mass, improve performance in high-intensity exercise, increase energy levels, enhances muscle growth and accelerates fat loss. Creatine super-hydrates muscle cells with water. Fat burners raise your metabolism and burn more calories each day even while resting, helping you to lose fat fast. Fat burners cut the calories needed for muscle growth and maintain your muscle.

Some people like to gain muscle while burning fat. Gaining muscle and losing fat simultaneously is a very difficult thing to do without the help of certain substances. So, they try both fat burners and creatine supplements at the same time. People also want to know if it is right to take both creatine and fat burners at the same time. Though it is true to a certain degree that each product cancels each other’s effect, it is possible to take both at the same time.

Generally it is not advisable to mix a fat burner with a Creatine supplement, as fat burners can have an effect on the body water levels, and water intake is very much important if you use creatine supplements. Ephedrine based fat burners take away water from the muscle cells, and creatine brings water into the muscle cells. Hence, when ephedrine based fat burners and creatine are ingested at the same time, both works in opposite manner and each product ends up reducing the effectiveness of the other product as a result. The problem with mixing creatine and fat burners is the increased risk of dehydration.

Now, the question is how to mix fat burners and creatine supplements. Take creatine supplements every day before you workout. Fat burners must be taken prior to working out if it needs to be truly effective. The best possible way to mix fat burners and creatine supplements is to take the fat burners and the creatine monohydrate supplements at conflicting ends of the day. That is, one product in the morning and the other product in the evening. If you exercise in the morning, then it is better to take the fat burners in the morning prior to exercising, and then take creatine supplement in the evening. On the other hand, if you exercise in the evening, then take creatine supplement in the morning and fat burners prior to exercising in the evening.

When you take fat burners and creatine supplements in the above said way, you will be able to enjoy the positive effects of creatine while at the same time you can trim your body fat with the positive benefits of fat burners.

It is always better to select excellent quality creatine supplements and fat burners if you have decided to take both products. Some of the excellent creatine monohydrate supplements include Prolab Creatine, American Creatine, and Cell-tech Creatine, and some of the excellent fat burners include Xenadrine RFA-1, Stacker 2 and Hydroxycut.

To conclude, there is nothing wrong in taking both creatine supplements and fat burner together. If you combine both fat burner and creatine supplement, probably creatine may not have much good effect as fat burner cuts the calories needed for muscle growth. Both creatine supplements and fat burners can cause dehydration when used together. Hence, it is essential that you must drink a lot of water while using these supplements.

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