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Planning a meal is a stimulating experience particularly when you start to think about the delicious ingredients that you will use. This is especially true when it comes to the first course in the meal called appetizers. Appetizers, as the word implies, are meant to rouse one’s appetite and excite the taste buds for the full serving of food ahead. In this way, appetizers are critical opening chows that should be carefully selected and prepared.

Indian appetizers have some of the widest selection of mouth-watering snacks. They are as diverse and unique as the Indian people. For them, preparing appetizers is considered to be a special form of art. Consequently, you are assured that serving Indian appetizers will be a pleasant experience for everyone on the table.

Most of the Indian appetizers are eaten while they are hot or cold. Indian soups served while they are still hot boost one’s energy. There are two types of soups in India. The one from the south is called Indian Rasam and the one from the north is called Indian Shorba. The traditional south Indian Rasam is a good preparation for plain cooked rice or curries.

One sumptuous Rasam appetizer soup recipe is made from lots and lots of tomatoes. Kerala uses diced tomatoes and a combination of savory spices. The spices include garlic, chilies, tamarind pulp, mustard seeds, and curry leaves among others. Just the sound of that makes one want to prepare it so it can be tasted immediately.

What you need to do first is to boil the tomatoes, garlic, and chilies in 4 cups of water. Put in all the ground spices such as the tamarind pulp and let it simmer for a maximum of 15 minutes. Then allow the mustard seeds to splutter in a heated pan with oil. Fry them for a minute together with the curry leaves, red chili, and onions and mix them in with the tomatoes. Lastly, garnish with some chopped cilantro or coriander leaves.

Meanwhile, other Indian appetizers are best with tea or wine. They include Shish kebab, pakoras, bondas and samosas. Samosas are not only delectable but nutritious as well. The dough is made from white flour, white vinegar, salt, and some water and oil. The dough goes through a process of kneading, dividing, stacking, and stripping until they are ready to be peeled for the fillings.

The samosas are filled with mixed vegetables and Indian spices, sealed with a flour and water paste, and then baked or deep fried. For more enticement, the samosas can be dipped into a tamarind chutney sauce.

On the other hand, Indian appetizers can also come as light dishes. These types of appetizers are eaten on the side to make the whole course a fully satisfying and substantial meal. In particular, chicken lollipops are fun finger foods that come in inviting presentations. The good thing about it is that it is very easy to prepare. You will surely finish it in a span of 45 minutes.

There are truly numerous options for appetizers that Indian recipes offer. Choose the one which will suit your taste, ingredients, and preparation preferences.

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