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  • Published May 20, 2009
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Heard about Triple Leaf tea? Have you tasted one of the Triple Leaf's Chinese dieters' teas? If so, then great! Well, in this article, I will discuss mainly the three famous Chinese dieters' teas of Triple Leaf. I am considering this brand of tea for the reason that they are now widely distributed and many people have claimed that they're one-of-the-best. Let's find out what makes these Chinese dieters' teas great.

Triple Leaf Tea Background

Triple Leaf is in the first place a Chinese-American family owned business. They blend Chinese dieters' teas using a combination of the ancient Chinese herbal formulas with the input of modern day Chinese herbalists who are trained in traditional healing herbalism. With this kind of approach, Triple Leaf is able to produce a result that is the creation of delicious healing teas that meet the modern-day needs.

As claimed, the herbs you find in their formulas are those that used in China by the Chinese herbalists. You may recognize some of the herbs as the renowned Chinese herbs, while others are less well-known in the West but prized in the Orient.

The Three Popular Chinese Dieters' Teas

As mentioned earlier, Triple Leaf currently offers three of its well-known products. These include:

• Dieter's Green Herbal Tea - This is one of the very popular Chinese dieters' teas in the market nowadays. As noted, this has been used traditionally for generations to help promote cleansing as well as healthy digestion. According to its proponents, this tea is best when used along with a detox tea which is best in cleansing and detoxification.

• Super Slimming Tea - This product was formulated with a blend of powerful Chinese herbs. Traditionally, the herbs in this blend were used to help promote detoxification, cleansing, as well as healthy digestion. Also, it has long been considered as the potent Chinese dieters' tea. Licorice root, which is considered as the "Great Detoxifier" in Chinas is included in the formula, and orange peel was used as well to help promote healthy digestion. Perhaps what's nice about this product is that the combination of herbs yields a robust taste.

• Ultra Slim - Just like the above mentioned products, this Chinese dieters' tea is composed of blended herbs that help to promote cleansing and healthy digestion. According to some claims, the herbs used in the formula were believed to help move stagnant Chi (energy). They even help to relieve indigestion and abdominal bloating. What's more, this Chinese dieters' tea was traditionally used to help support harmony and balance in the body's systems. As commonly suggested, you can use this Chinese dieters' tea along with detox tea for additional support in cleaning and detoxification.

Note that although these above mentioned products are considered potent for cleansing and aid healthy digestion, experts still recommend you to follow a balanced weight loss diet. Also consider the advice of your healthcare professional for better results. If possible, try to include plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits, juices, and pure water when dieting. And, note that these Chinese dieters' teas are not recommended for children, elderly or sick people, and even to those pregnant and nursing mothers.

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