What Exactly is a Rotisserie Barbecue Pit Smoker

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  • Author Jaden Santon
  • Published May 28, 2009
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So you love barbecuing. Heard the name "rotisserie"? I guess many of you are familiar with this term, and many of you have used a rotisserie barbecue pit smoker. Probably you have one in your house, or you have spotted rotisserie barbecue pit smokers in your neighborhood stores. Well, whatever made you aware of the existence of this barbecue item, there is one main thing that you need to know about it - rotisserie barbecue pit smoker is one of the widely distributed barbecue products on earth.

The rotisserie barbecue pit smoker is specifically known for its unique appearance and function. Physically, it comes in different shape and size. But, what distinguishes it from the other pit smokers is that the rotisserie's front doors are recessed for one particular purpose - to keep the smoke from rolling into the face of the person serving the food. So instead of rolling out, the smoke will tend to move just inside the cooking chamber due to the recessed front doors of the rotisserie barbecue pit smoker.

Aside from that, most of the rotisserie barbecue pit smokers come in a full length firebox with a cooking chamber. According to some rotisserie manufacturers, this is designed to provide a heat that is consistent enough to make the food well-cooked. It also allows the smoke to flow just to the entire chamber. The pit smoker also comes with intake vents that function to keep the embers in the firebox so to prevent the flames and burns to the meat. What's more, most of the rotisserie barbecue pit smokers have front controls to the temperature and air baffles, and this highly provides the operators the chance to readily manipulate the process from the side of the cook shelf.

The rotisserie barbecue pit smokers are also designed with an electric motor. This feature is what actually makes the pit smoker capable of handling loads of meat and foods on the trays. And, it's worth noting that most of the barbecue enthusiasts these days often look for this particular feature in the barbecue pit smoker.

Perhaps another great feature of the rotisserie is the rotating shelves. Yes, the rotisserie barbecue pit smokers often come with shelves that can be rotated for comfort and convenient. This rotating system will actually eliminate the need for constant turning. It even provides you easy access to the meats you are grilling. Plus, there is a three-inch thermometer that allows you to easily monitor or control the temperature in the cooking chamber.

Having said all that, it's no wonder then that today, hundreds of barbecue lovers look for rotisserie barbecue pit smokers. And, although rotisserie sometimes is expensive, many people still search for such mentioned features in the other styles and brands of pit smokers. This is also perhaps the reason that rotisserie barbecue pit smokers are distributed throughout the world nowadays.

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