Gas Barbecue Grills from A to Z

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Gas barbecue is the most commonly used type of barbecue grill. It is used by thousands of households throughout the world for the convenience it provides. The gas barbecue grill can actually give you the convenience of instant grilling or barbecuing as you don't need to invest much effort and time for the preparation of the grill. In addition, gas barbeque is easy to clean after its use.

The gas barbecue comes in different types. Each type differs in features and sizes. However, much of the features of gas barbecue grills are similar to that of the charcoal grills. This is basically the reason that many people find it hard to consider which of the varieties of barbecue grills the best option to take. Some favor for charcoal grills, while others are fro gas barbecue grills. Well, no matter what your choice is, it is best to think about what you really want from your grill. The ease of use and convenience it provides will greatly counts.

Now, if you are thinking of buying a gas barbecue, consider first the three main types of this kind of grill. Make sure that you pick up the type that best suits your grilling and barbecuing needs. Here are they:

Freestanding Open-Top Barbecues

The freestanding open-top barbecues are the type of gas grill that feature a sort of open hearth on legs, but others come with wheels. This type comes in different sizes, but the features are generally the same. Some appears to be large enough to carry a couple of steaks, while others are smaller than the standard barbecue grill size. What is interesting to know about this type is that they typically feature rotisseries, storage and warming areas for the foods you cooked. The downside, however, is that once the freestanding open-top gas barbecues are assembled and installed; they need a particular space for storage.

Hooded Barbecues

The hooded gas barbecue grills are basically recognized for their large sizes and rectangular shapes. They are also noticeable for their hinged lids. Well, this type of gas barbecue works in a way that the grilling area can be completely covered by the hood, hence the name. They carry more features than the standard barbecues as they typically have warming areas, main burners, side burners, movable grates, and preparation areas. There are also some models that possess rotisserie and spit, bottom burners that are infra red, as well as a couple of other accessories. Because of these features, the hooded gas barbecues now come in a pretty expensive price.

Kettle Barbecues

The kettle barbecues are those that have large metal balls on legs. Most of the available models are small and can be transferred from one place to another easily and quickly. They can also be installed freestanding, but most are mounted on trolleys. Just like the other types of gas barbecues, the kettle types come with rotisseries, and built-in thermometer. It is worth noting that this type is commonly used for direct grilling.

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