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  • Author Mark Henry
  • Published May 25, 2009
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It's our mission here at juiceproducer to spread the need to know health knowledge out to the busy people out there, yes in the name of the world's health we juice, blend, grind and boil our way through the things that work and some that don't. Sorting the worthy and great from the over hyped and ineffective and delivering our findings to you busy person.

This next one is amongst the most easy to grasp, it's the process of alkalizing your system. Now we think of health as a sliding scale, most of us are pretty healthy, its fair to say that there is room for getting better but also we are a long way off grinding to a halt and sporting a feverish brow. Illness or disease needs several combining elements before it can take a hold, low immune system, lack of oxygen (just one reason you need a good run around once in a while) are a couple. One way of allowing disease to grip is an overly acidic constitution.

Acid and where it comes from

Acid is formed in the body when you consume some particular foods (all of the fun ones,typically) the body dispenses of this acid in the form of uric acid. Now your body only has the capacity to rid itself of a certain level of acid, drinking a lot of water is one way to help, the other is to eat plenty of alkaline foods keeping your constitution alkaline and making it difficult for disease to set in.

Highly acidic : eggs, mayonnaise, fish, shellfish, bacon, beef, chicken, lamb, liver , veal.

slightly acid : nuts, cheddar cheese, herrings, mackerel, rye, oats, wheat, rice, plums.

Neutral : butter, margarine, coffee, tea, sugar, syrup.

Slightly alkaline : almonds, coconut milk beans cabbage celery lentils lettuce mushrooms onions root veggies tomatoes

apricots apples bananas grapes grapefruit oranges peaches raspberries prunes

Very alkaline : avocado, beetroots carrots potatoes spinach dried fruit wheatgrass rhubarb

There you have it, fruit and veggies rock the world again!! equipped with the right info it's easy to make excellent, informed food decisions where ever you are! Never a truer word was said than "eat your greens!" So now as you drink your freshly made vegetable juice you know it’s rammed full of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, nutrients AND that its alkalizing your body helping you to stay disease free!

Please don't be put off the oily fish you see listed here, eating oily fish three times a week is an excellent way of ensuring adequate levels of Omega oils. Just eat a good supply of dark leafy greens to balance things out.

Mark is very keen on juicers and blenders making lots of fresh drinks and he tries to be as fit and healthy as he can be.

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