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Waiter on the Way Fort Wayne

Welcome to the Waiter on the Way Fort Wayne blog. This blog is designed to provide information to our customers regarding Fort Wayne Restaurants, Fort Wayne Catering Services, Fort Wayne restaurant information, as well as any news and updates regarding Water on the Way and the services that we offer.

For this first blog post, we want to give our customers as much information about how Waiter on the Way works and what the processes and fee’s are.

What is Waiter on the Way?

Waiter on the Way was established in 1991 to provide an easy way for customers to enjoy the excellent menu options of local restaurants without the hassle of driving to the restaurant, waiting in line, picking up the food, and bring it back home to eat. Waiter on the Way now offers over menus from over 115 local restaurants of Fort Wayne, Indiana to be delivered for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or anywhere in between. Derek Berkes is the current owner of Waiter on the Way and has brought the company from serving only about 30-40 restaurants to over 115 that we have at the time of this post.

Waiter on the Way delivers food for mostly sit down restaurants, however we also deliver for coffee houses and a few fast food restaurants as well. A list of restaurants that Waiter on the Way delivers for can be visited at http://www.waiterontheway.biz/fort-wayne-catering-venue.php. We specialize in delivering food to homes, business, hotels, office parties, business gathers, as well as caterings for any occasion.

How does Waiter on the Way Work?

The first step to order, for some, can be the most difficult is picking a place to order from since Waiter on the Way offers over 115 options for food ranging from American, Chinese, Italian, Indian, Thai to pub or bar foods. We try to assist you as much as possible in making your decision by offering two easy ways to view what restaurants we have to offer, as well as that restaurants menu items. The first option is to find one of our printed menu books that looks much like a TV guide, called "Dining In", also we have our full menu on our website http://www.waiterontheway.biz. Feel free to take your time and browse the many restaurants we have, and you can also ask an operator for any suggestions for certain items you are looking for.

Once you have decided on a restaurant, you can place your order by either calling us at 260-442-FOOD, that’s 260-442-3663, or by creating a free account online and placing your order on our website. Once we receive your order, it will usually be delivered to you within 45 minutes to 1 hour, but times can very depending on weather conditions and the current call volume.

What does it cost?

Many customers think that using Waiter on the Way might be too expensive, or take too long to receive the order, or maybe the food will be could once the customer receives it. The answers to these questions would be WRONG, WRONG, and WRONG :-), in fact, Waiter on the Way charges just $5.25 per restaurant per order for the delivery fee. This means that you can place an order anywhere from our $10 minimum of food to $1,000,000 for only $5.25! Waiter on the Way has also contracted deals with our restaurants so that we can charge the same price of the food as you would pay in the restaurant, with only a few restaurants as an exception. We do encourage customers to recognized our drivers efforts and to tip accordingly.

Where do you deliver?

Waiter on the Way can deliver nearly anywhere within the state of Indiana and even Ohio, and in fact we deliver regularly to cities such as Angola, Auburn, Bluffton, Columbia City, Elkhart, Huntington, Lima, Marion, Monroeville, Muncie, Wabash, and Warsaw just to name a few. In cases where the delivery location is over 7 linear miles (as the bird flies) away from the restaurant, a distance charge will be applied to the order to help reimburse the driver for fuel and time. The distance charge inside Fort Wayne is generally very minimal and will only occur when a customer orders from a restaurant on the other side of town from their address. Regarding larger orders and orders out of town, we would request that you place your order in advance to ensure that we can notify the restaurant with a proper amount of time to cook the order as well for our delivery person to be on time.

How do catering and business orders work?

We can cater anything from a small get together such as a super bowl party, up to a few hundred person office meeting or pharmaceutical luncheon. We cater pharmaceutical caterings in Fort Wayne every day of the week and have experienced drivers to handle your event. Again, we do ask that you place your order with us in advance to allow enough time to ensure the food can be prepared as well as delivered on time.

Business customers who order lunch for their staff or just for themselves can generally place their order about an hour before hand and we should have sufficient time to process the order and deliver within an hour. If the order is for more then 8 people, we would ask that you call ahead again to ensure prompt delivery.

Waiter on the Way has been serving the Fort Wayne, Indiana area for over 20 years.

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