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  • Author Oliver Ocampo
  • Published July 4, 2009
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"Do It Yourself" home improvement also has hidden costs. They can find themselves in a situation where the budget for the renovation or remodeling is exceeded during the course of the project.

DIYers, more often than not think only of the materials needed and forget about the permit fees.

A variety of permit can be applied for depending on the type of work to be done on the house. As an example, if there are to be changes in the structure of the property, a building permit is needed by the building inspection authorities before starting the project.

Other permits that may be needed, depending on the project, are for electrical, mechanical and plumbing work. Often, there is an application fee in addition to the cost of the permit.

Permit costs are generally based on the estimated construction cost of the project.

Another area a DIYer might underestimate in doing a project is the needed tools and supplies. There might be no more problems when the job has been done before but chances are there is a piece of equipment the DIYer will forget to list or there is a tool that might make the job easier. If the type of project is done the first time, an allowance over the total budget should be in order to give the DIYer a breathing space.

Another unforeseen event or cost would be the sudden breaking of something and it is beyond the skills of the DIYer. For this reason, it's important that the DIYer is very knowledgeable about a project before attempting to do it. He/She should do research and ask around.

The DIYer should think not only if the project is within the budget but also his/her level of expertise so no additional cost will be paid to a contractor to do a follow up or clean up.

A home-improvement project can be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling investment project on the house a homeowner can make. But when coming up with the budget, the owner should make sure there is an allowance for any unexpected costs that are likely to come. In that way, the DIYer is prepared for any additional cost, have the needed materials and tools at the earliest possible time, less worry on how he is going to pay for the improvement and finish the project at the soonest time. – Then relax and enjoy the renovation early.

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