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  • Published July 4, 2009
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House painting works require skilful execution of different painting methods. Painting works may take longer or shorter span of time depending upon the size of a building. Interior painting is a simple and inexpensive way to increase the attractiveness of a home. There are plenty of techniques involved in painting. Most of the painting works can be done by anyone on their own provided they have at least basic knowledge of painting rules and sufficient time to spend on it. Choosing the right colour and painting the right design is the key when it comes to interior painting.


Interior painting requires a range of tools and equipment that should be used precisely for different purposes. Some of the painting tools including brushes, rollers, sprayers and cloths should be selected properly. It is always worth selecting better quality tools as they can provide a better texture when used along with other painting products. Getting quality information on different painting products will help to produce a better outcome.

General Tips

Before initiating the painting works, all the painting tools should be gathered properly in the nearby area. Other tools like hammers, screwdrivers, can openers, plastic bags, and floor covers should be assembled properly. It is better to wear to old stained clothes while executing the painting work. The floor area should be covered with the help of floor wraps in order to prevent paint stains. Furniture and other appliances should be cleared from the floor area. Materials that cannot be removed should be covered with wraps. Electrical fixtures including light bulbs, switch plates and other wall fixtures should be removed before painting.

Painting Works

After finishing all the preparatory works, painting work should be initiated by selecting the right area. Paint brushes and rollers should be handled effectively to prevent paint wastage through spilling. Proper knowledge in selecting the right tool is very important for interior painting. As rollers cover a large area, it is easy to use rollers for painting compared to brushes. Ceilings can be painted with the help of rollers and extension rods. However, minute spots like wall edges can be painted only with the help of brushes.

There are various paintings styles like colour washing, dry brushing, bordering, stippling and sponging. Experienced painters may try their hand in any one of these designs. However, novice painters can go with the regular painting pattern. Choosing the right paint colour is the most important thing in interior painting. Paint colour should reflect the mood of the house and it should match the furniture of a household. Other painting works like window painting, furniture painting and door painting should also be done using appropriate methods.

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