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  • Author Bishop Chanakira
  • Published July 4, 2009
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I am sure you are all aware that there are many different types of gas to power your motor vehicle. If you choose one over another, does your motor vehicle perform better or worse? Well, yet it does. High quality fuels make for better performance and better fuel economy. So it is for our bodies.

The food we choose to eat has a dramatic impact on the performance of our bodies. As you know, consuming foods that are considered good for us will help our bodies to perform efficiently. Top sports people are provided with strict guidelines for what they can and cannot eat. This is because we have leaned over time that diet has a large part to play in achieving high levels of performance.

It is also a fact that the effectiveness of the overall fuel system is important to high levels of vehicle performance. We/You might select the optimal fuel available and use it but the system that applies the fuel does not work properly. For example if the car is not tuned properly then the motor vehicle will not make best use of the high grade fuel. The same is true for our bodies and the system that employs of the fuel; our food intake.

The human digestive system is the equivalent the motor vehicle’s fuel system. If it is not working efficiently then the performance will not be optimal. Everything else might be performing well but if the digestive system is not absorbing the nutrients from the food intake then the body simply cannot function as well as it should. So a healthy body that functions to its maximum potential must have a Strongly performing digestive system. So how do we ensure that our digestive system works well?

The first step in making sure that the digestive system is in good shape is to clean out any residual matter that may have collected in the digestive tract. This is typically done with a colon cleanse. Colon cleansing does as it describes, it cleans the colon. Just as there are fuel additives that we can use to cleanse our car’s fuel system, so there are dietary supplements that can be used to clean out our digestive system. Once this is done, we have a clean system. Is this enough? No, there is more work to be done!

The human digestive system relies on bacteria in the stomach to process our food. There are literally millions of these bacteria in the stomach. Now although we typically associate bacteria as being a bad thing, many of the bacteria living in the digestive tract are "good bacteria" and we need them for an efficiently break down our food. Unfortunately, when we cleanse our system or if we have been digesting antibiotics, we not only destroy the bad bacteria but we also get rid of the good bacteria. So we need to replace the good bacteria to restore normal function of the digestive system. This is where probiotics supplements can help.

Probiotic supplements typically come in the form of a capsule that can be taken orally. Each capsule contains literally millions of good bacteria. So after taking antibiotics or cleansing the digestive tract, probiotics supplements are a rapid solution. Please note that probiotics can be taken at any time. I am not suggesting that it is only appropriate to take probiotics supplements after a course of antibiotics or after a colon cleanse. Adding good bacteria to the digestive system is a good thing to do at any time.

Taking probiotics has many benefits including loss of weight, better mental capacity, reduces bloating and flatulence, can help with irritable bowel syndrome and is a great supplement for lyme disease (because treatment for lyme disease typically uses heavy doses of antibiotics). Many people supplement their diet daily with probiotics as it just makes them feel energetic.

In conclusion, just as it makes sense to keep your motor vehicle’s fuel system in good repair so it makes sense to keep your body’s fuel system working to its best. A really good way to achieve this is with a colon cleanse and the use of probiotics supplements. After all, it helps you lose weight, boosts mental capacity and you just feel great!

Bishop has a particular interest in gastrointestinal health and writes about the benefits of probiotic supplements for treating ailments such as lyme disease.

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