How Effective Is HCG With Accelerating Weight Loss?

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  • Author John Baril
  • Published July 8, 2009
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The entire weight loss business is full of fads and new fads are popping up all of the time. Now the problem here is that many people will "jump onboard" with the latest diet fad without doing any research in regards to safety. In general, people want a quick fix, so they want to lose weight quickly without putting in very much effort. I am always wary of the latest diet fad coming out and you should be too. A really popular weight loss fad these days is known as HCG which stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. In this article, let’s discuss HCG and determine its effectiveness and safety when used for losing weight.

First of all, many people mistakenly think that HCG is just another fancy designer drug. In fact, HCG is a hormone which occurs naturally in all of our bodies. When women are pregnant, they have a very large supply of this hormone. Because of this, when a woman takes a pregnancy test, if a certain concentration of HCG is found in the circulation, then the woman is considered positive for the test.

Kevin Trudeau was the person who popularized the use of HCG for dieting when he wrote and published a book on the subject. Just so you know, Kevin has done a lot of jail time because of several FTC guideline infractions.

In the book that Kevin Trudeau wrote, he makes the claim that HCG is a miracle supplement and in fact is the best one available. There is, however, no scientific research available which can support this claim. In fact, the various manufacturers who produce synthetic HCG will not even officially claim that there is a benefit to obese people. Basically, there are only a small amount of experts and doctors who insist that they have proof in the effectiveness of HCG for weight loss.

There have been many tests and studies conducted on HCG over the past 40 years. Now the thing is, these studies have not come up with any definitive proof as to the effectiveness of HCG with weight loss. The question is then, how can a select few doctors and experts claim that it is effective?

For your information, when a doctor allows you to try an HCG treatment, they will also tell you to go on a low calorie diet. Now a low calorie diet on its own will cause you to lose weight. So the question is, if you combine HCG supplements and a diet low in calories, how can you tell which of the 2 strategies is causing the weight loss?

HCG was banned quite a while ago in the United States. There are 2 options available to you if you want to purchase HCG. You can either try to get it from another country or it can be bought on the black market. Either scenario can end up being very expensive.

Here is my advice: Don’t use HCG until the safety and effectiveness are fully established. The tried and true method of eating healthy food and exercising is the way to go. Listen, if you want to lose weight then that means that you want to become healthier, so why potentially poison yourself with a little known about pill? Remember too that you don’t need to starve yourself. Just stick to healthy food, drink plenty of water, exercise and minimize your intake of junk food. This simple method has proven itself to be completely effective over the years.

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