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  • Published July 24, 2009
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Inside your home, there are countless closets, cabinets, nooks and crannies for storing all the things in your life. But when it comes to the outside, there’s not the same kind of resources available. A garden bench with storage options in it offers some space for outdoor enthusiasts that keep things handy but tucked away. After all, your garage is full enough.

There are different types of garden bench storage available. First off, these benches can be made from different materials, such as wicker and leather, much like other benches. Obviously, heavier materials like stone and concrete will not work as well to have some sort of inner compartment, but even with these you can have, say, a lower shelf beneath the seat of the bench. Typically, storage benches that are specifically designed for outdoor usage are made from heavy-duty, waterproof plastics and rubbers, like Rubbermaid. These materials will keep your goods more protected than anything against moisture, insects, mildew and more. However, wood is also a classic choice for a garden bench, as well as indoor storage benches. Wooden benches look a lot nicer than do rubber ones, and certain woods are very adaptable for outdoor use. For instance, cedar and pine, if maintained with regular oiling, are quite sturdy. Teak, though is the strongest hardwood by far, whose naturally produced oils both protect the wood and make it virtually maintenance free.

A wooden storage garden bench can adopt a number of designs. Some have low backrests, some are backless. Some have armrests, while others do not. Others yet, especially indoor benches, have soft cushions for added comfort. The upper part of the bench is really of no concern, functionally speaking. It’s what is underneath wherein the similarities lie. All storage benches need to have just that: space for storage. And there’s pretty much nowhere else to fit things but under the seat of the bench.

The storage compartments are set up differently depending on what kind of garden bench you go with. For one, there’s the hinged top bench. These are designed very much like a piano bench, in which the entire seat opens up like a sideways door, revealing a recessed space below. These types of benches are roomiest because it’s one large space that covers the entire area underneath the seat down to the ground, rather than separate compartments.

There are also pull-out drawers and baskets. Some models of garden bench have sliding drawers that pull out on a track, like dresser drawers. Other types are not attached. For inside use, it’s a nice look to have a bench with a lower shelf where two to three woven baskets fit inside. There are also wooden containers that work the same way, but match the wooden bench and are sturdier. What’s convenient about containers that rest on a shelf under the bench, rather than on a slide mechanism, are that they can more easily be taken out and moved around than attached drawers. Plus, the baskets themselves look fine freestanding. If you do prefer having a bench indoors, great spots to keep one are the entryway, bedroom and breakfast nook, or wherever you need a little extra storage.

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