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  • Published August 2, 2009
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Maybe it is the fresh air, the carefree atmosphere, or simply the novelty of cooking outdoors, but it is almost always a certainty that food tastes better when you eat it outside!

Food Safety, Freshness, and Transportation

There is nothing more annoying, or unhygienic, than swarms of pesky insects that descend on your food, crawling all over your carefully prepared dishes. Food that does not remain at the proper temperature can be unsafe too, not to mention less tasty. These issues can turn into major problems when eating outdoors, if you do not have the right equipment. Luckily, there are plenty of options for keeping your food safe, by keeping the insects off, and keeping it at the proper temperature to remain the freshest and tastiest!

• Mesh Covered Food Tents:

Do not let insects ruin your food anymore! For less than $15 each, you can buy various sizes of mesh-covered food tents that will keep the flies away and will allow air to circulate around the food safely. Each food tent folds up for easy, compact storage and it is a snap to open up the tent and place it over food whenever necessary

• Wilton Armetale’s Hot and Cold Thermal Tray:

To keep your food at the perfect temperature when serving outdoors, the Wilton Armetale’s hot & cold thermal tray is the ideal accessory. This durable metal tray will keep hot food hot, and cold food cold, for several hours, and is safe to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. The tray is a great deal at just under $60, as it will not break, crack, rust, chip, or dent.

• Fresh Box:

Keep food fresh for outdoor meals with the Fresh Box, a battery-operated container that keeps food sealed with a vacuum pump that extends the life of your leftovers by removing air from the container every time it is opened. The Fresh Box is available in three sizes, ranging between $50 and $60.

• Salad On Ice Serving Bowl:

Keep your greens chilled to perfection with the Salad on Ice serving bowl, a fantastic salad serving bowl with a compartment which, once filled with ice, will keep your salad fresh and cool. The Salad on Ice bowl can be yours for around $30 and includes a cover and salad servers.

• Wicker Picnic Organizer

To help transport all your delicious foods, condiments, cutlery, plates, and napkins to your favorite picnic spot, don not forget to grab a great wicker picnic organizer. At just around $20 these are perfect to carry all your picnic items at once.

For the Grill:

A backyard barbecue is the perfect summer-time event for almost any occasion, and the popularity of the barbecue means there are many gadgets and cooking accessories for this time-honored tradition.

If you find yourself fresh out of barbecue cooking ideas, check out "101 Things to do with a BBQ" recipe book for delicious recipes for meats, veggies, and even dessert dishes that you can cook at any outdoor event. There is a section on mouthwatering rubs and sauces for incredible flavor that you can add to all of your savory dishes.

Barbecuing can get a bit problematic when you start loading up the grill with various different meats, as well as vegetables, and other scrumptious items such as kabobs. Check out a few of these great accessories and see how they can make your outdoor cooking a little easier! All of these items are under $20 each, making it easy to fit into most budgets!

• Chicken Rack:

If you are serving your family appetizing chicken legs or wings, you will want to invest in the Chicken Rack, a great item that cooks up to a dozen legs and wings vertically. With this item, you will not only save space on your grill, but the vertical design also allows more fat to drip away, leaving you with a healthier meal!.

• Burger and Sausage Grilling Baskets:

Burger and Sausage Grilling Baskets make it easy to grill and flip your sausages and patties, ensuring that your food does not stick to the grill. These baskets can help you get even cooking on both sides of the meat, and the sausage basket is adjustable to accommodate hot dogs and other meat links of various sizes.

• Kabob Baskets:

Kabob baskets are another great find. With these baskets there is no longer a need for skewers. Instead, just add your meat and vegetables to the long narrow baskets to create awesomely delicious kabobs. Alternatively, pick up a set of curved kabob skewers which are conveniently curved to fit the shape of a plate perfectly. These add a funky touch to your kabobs and are an easy way to present the food attractively.

• Adjustable Grill Rack:

An adjustable grill rack is ideal for those smaller or delicate items that might not stand up to serious grilling. Vegetable chunks, grilled tomatoes, shrimp and other small items might fall through the grill cracks, but with this handy rack, you can expand from eight inches up to fifteen inches wide to provide you with a more convenient grilling area.

• Steak Charms:

A set of steak charms is a great way to make sure everyone gets the right steak. The charm affixes right on the meat, with its stainless steel serrated stem holding it securely, and the labels will help you make sure all your guests get the steak that is cooked to their preference.

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