Can You Lose Weight More Easily By Eating meat?

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  • Author John Baril
  • Published August 2, 2009
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There are many fad diets these days that recommend that you eat a lot of meat. This is especially true with the low-carb diets. One of the best known examples of this would be the high fat, low carb Atkins Diet. The theory that these diets follow is that high protein intake will help you to lose weight and meat is a top level protein source. The question is, is this actually true? This article will examine how much meat consumption can help you with weight loss.

Many fad diets such as the Atkins diet play on the lack of knowledge of the general public. The actual truth is not always the same as what some fad diets will propose. Quite simply, the only way to lose weight is by burning off more calories than you take in. Upping your protein consumption won’t help you with this.

Additionally, some types of meat are bad for you and some will make you put on weight, for sure. Examples of meat types that are bad for you and also very high in calories include pepperoni, bacon, ham, deep fried chicken, salami and things like that. Prepared meat products such as bacon and pepperoni are problematic because they contain lots of nitrates and other preservatives which are very unhealthy.

If you eat too much of the bad meat mentioned above, you can eventually damage your kidneys, digestive system and colon. Additionally, these meats which are full of preservatives can speed up the onset of diseases like renal colic, cancer and gall stones, just to name a few. So you see, when you eat meat, you should balance it out with vegetables and other healthy foods. Also, try as much as possible to avoid the meats which have preservatives and are high in calories.

As we all know, meat is high in protein and many meat types are also high in iron. Choose leaner meat cuts in order to lessen your intake of saturated fat. Also, cut away any visible fat that you can see. Animals do store toxins in their fat so you want to minimize as much as possible, the amount of saturated fat within the meat.

Many studies have shown that if you eat spicy food, you will be satisfied with eating a lesser amount. Therefore, if you like spicy food, then add things like chilli peppers or hot sauce to your meat and you will likely want to eat less overall.So if you enjoy food that is spicy, then add some hot spices to your meat and you probably won’t want to eat as much.

Remember too that meat doesn’t have to be your only protein source. You can get good supplies of protein from foods like nuts, seeds, tofu, beans and many others. So the bottom line is, if you want to eat meat during your diet, then eat the non-processed kind, balance it out with other healthy foods and don’t eat too much as it is fairly high in calories.

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