What To Consider When Doing A Whole Body Cleanse

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  • Author Tracy Matthews
  • Published August 3, 2009
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If you’re looking to do a whole body cleanse, you already realize that living in a modern world, we are all bombarded with toxins everyday and with every breath we take.

There are many cleanses on the market which focus on a particular organ or part of the body such as colon or liver. The problem with these cleanses is that toxins remain throughout our entire bodies and in our bloodstream.

Our bodies natural defense against toxins is to surround the toxin with fat cells. So this would mean that toxins also remain in fatty areas of our bodies, stomach, arms, legs, buttocks, face, etc.

When considering a cleanse, a whole body cleanse should be your only consideration. Why cleanse just one part of your body when you can clean the whole thing with the same amount of effort.

  1. You should look for a cleanse that does not only deplete the body of toxins, but also feeds the body nutritionally. I spoke to a woman the other day who was cleansing and she told me at the end of the day she nearly passed out from weakness. This is not what cleansing should be about. When I do two day cleanses back to back, by the end of the second day I feel like I could run a marathon. It shouldn’t be a starvation routine.

  2. You should consider a cleanse that has a weight loss component to it. As I mentioned earlier, our bodies surround toxin particles with fat cells. So if you flush out the fat, the toxins go with it. How cool is that to lose a few pounds along with cleansing. You’ll not only be cleaner on the inside, but lighter as well.

  3. Another thing that you should look for that is a whole body cleanse easy to do. It should be simple, and if eating food is part of it, it should be tasty. Like with any diet or weight loss routine, if it’s not simple, easy and enjoyable, most people will not continue with it and then will say it didn’t work.

Doing a whole body cleanse can be a very rewarding thing. If you suffer from any of the following symptoms, you should consider doing a whole body cleanse. I guarantee you, if you do it right and with a positive attitude, you will see improvement in many areas.

Symptoms you may find relief from include: headache, backache, congestion, fatigue, digestive problems, aching or swollen joints, allergies, sensitivities to substances such as perfumes, synthetics or chemicals, coughs, frequent colds, mood changes, irritated eyes, anxiety, immune weakness, depression, wheezing, sexual dysfunction, sore throat, stiff neck, fever, skin rashes, angina pectoris, runny/itchy nose, hives, circulation problems, nervousness, nausea, high blood fats, sleepiness, insomnia, anorexia, dizziness, halitosis, constipation, mental confusion, mental illness, tingling in hands and feet, abnormal or impaired nerve function, boils, eczema, arthritis, asthma, colitis, hemorrhoids, hepatitis, heart disease, hypertension, gout, obesity, cancer, cataracts, bronchitis, pneumonia, sinusitis, kidney stones, kidney disease, stroke, prostate disease, menstrual problems, vaginitis, varicose veins, diabetes, gastritis, multiple sclerosis and on and on...you get the idea.

I’m not saying that toxins create all of these. Sitting at my computer, staring a the screen all day gives me a headache, but if you suffer from a symptom on a regular basis, it could be that you are in need of a whole body cleanse.

Regularly doing a whole body cleanse is something you should consider as a lifestyle. We are constantly bombarded with toxins and there is almost no way around that, unless you move to remote New Guinea.

Tracy Matthews is a cleansing coach who teaches people how to use everyday things to do a whole body cleanse and rid their bodies of modern world toxins. Receive her free 25 Cleansing Secrets report to find out how you can do an internal cleanse with things you already have in your home.

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