Natural Ways to Relieve Migraine Headache

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  • Published February 16, 2007
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Migraine is a throbbing headache that often has other accompanying symptoms. Some of these symptoms include light sensitivity, nausea and extreme pain on one side of the head. A migraine headache can be debilitating. Doctors often prescribe drug medications; however, these may not always work and can have side effects. Many migraine sufferers resort to home remedies and herbal remedies as natural ways to relieve migraine.

Here are some migraine home remedies that you can try.

Most sufferers experience repeated migraine attacks and recognize early signs of one that is starting. When you feel the first signs of a migraine, drink a caffeinated beverage. The caffeine helps open constricted blood vessels and can shorten the duration and severity of a migraine.

A bath or shower may ease the symptoms at the beginning of a migraine. Use aromatherapy bath gels or salts to aid relaxation. Try lavender, peppermint, Melissa, bay, eucalyptus or jasmine oils which all have properties that can minimize migraine symptoms. These essential oils can also be diluted and applied to the skin or inhaled. Mix them with another oil, such as almond or sesame oil before applying to the skin.

Since tension often spurs a migraine, easing muscle tension with a massage can be beneficial. A facial massage can easily be done by you. Apply pressure to your face using your thumbs. Move your thumbs in small circular motions on your forehead and cheeks.

Apply a cool compress or towel to the forehead and sit in a quiet, darkened room. Many migraine sufferers report sensitivity to light and sound, especially during the beginning phase of a migraine. You can also try a warm foot soak. This soothes you and promotes blood circulation throughout the body.

Drink plenty of liquids. The migraine itself may cause you to urinate more than usual. To make up for this liquid loss in the body you should consume more water or juice. Dehydration causes headaches and can actually increase the pain of a migraine so be sure you keep up on your liquid intake for the duration of the migraine.

Stress can be a migraine trigger. Learning to control stress in your life can successfully eliminate this trigger, thus preventing migraine. There are several ways to manage stress and promote relaxation. Meditation uses rhythmic breathing to calm the mind and focuses your mental energy inward. Exercise is an excellent way to relieve built up stress. A regular exercise regime will keep stress at bay. Yoga combines stretching and meditation, and can be practiced almost anywhere. To reduce stress, maintain a regular schedule and don't try to take on too much.

Natural migraine remedies can be used alone or in combination with other treatments. If you are on prescribed medications, discuss with your doctor before taking any herbal remedies. Chronic headaches may indicate an underlying health problem or illness. It is important to obtain a proper medical diagnosis from your doctor before proceeding with any remedies.

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