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  • Published May 22, 2010
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If you have heard out from your physician or from doing home cholesterol test that you got a high total cholesterol level, one of the first things you require to do is to alter your diet to a low cholesterol diet to help you lower your cholesterol.

Getting your diet and your cholesterol level under watch with a low cholesterol diet is the best thing you can do to save your heart.

If you require to lower your cholesterol levels, observing an ideal diet may be able to help you a lot. It is known for a long time now that the food a person eats or is used to eating everyday may have directly relation to his body cholesterol levels.

It is important for people to lower their cholesterol levels because cholesterol has been connected with the growing of coronary heart disease. The higher the cholesterol levels in an individual, the chance is that he will be getting heart disease later on. Aside from that , high cholesterol levels may also put a person at danger of suffering from a stroke or a heart attack.

Except from using drugs to lower cholesterol levels, observing a low cholesterol diet is the next best thing to keep your cholesterol levels down. Eating more vegetables, soy products and other low cholesterol foods may be just as good at reducing blood cholesterol as medication. A survey has been able to show that a vegetarian diet can lower cholesterol by as much as one-third in just a month.

The best cholesterol-lowering diet that you can follow usually includes a full portion of vegetables such as broccoli and red peppers. Soymilk and soy sausages, oat bran cereal and bread and also a great deal of fruits and nuts make a full low cholesterol diet. Soy protein, nuts, and fiber rich food such as oats and barley can in effect cut cholesterol levels by up to 7%.

A low cholesterol diet also requires you to minimize your intake of saturated fat by 7% and other rich substances by 25-35 percent. It has been brought out that the optimal diet for averting coronary heart disease accepts having non-hydrogenated (unprocessed) fats rather than the hydrogenated kind. Elevated consumption of omega-3 fats from fish, fish oil or plant sources such as flaxseeds is the proposed fat intake in a low cholesterol diet. With a low cholesterol diet, one should also limit day-to-day sodium intake about the level of 2400 milligrams daily.

A typical day on the low cholesterol diet would include a hearty breakfast of soymilk, oat bran cereal with chopped fruit and almonds, oatmeal bread, vegetable-based margarine and jam. A typical low cholesterol lunch would contain soy cold cuts, oat bran bread, bean soup and a dessert of fruit. For dinner, stir-fry vegetables, tofu, fruit and almonds would be the regular low cholesterol diet fare. Watching this kind of low cholesterol diet religiously for long periods, it is feasible for one's cholesterol level to drop by as much as 29 percent in just a month.

A low cholesterol diet may not be quite as tasty, but it can add some years to your lifetime.

After understanding that the low cholesterol diet gives you so many benefits, there is no cause to avert it

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