PS2 vs. PS3: Which one you will go for?

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  • Published November 27, 2009
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Sony has ruled the console landscape with its previous PlayStation home consoles, and the company is hoping that it has another blockbuster on tap.

After the long-lived Playstation, Sony had the very wise decision to create a follow up to it's original console which would be aptly named ''Playstation 2''. Sony decided to create a new console with new technology because their first console was so successful and they wanted to keep up with times. A lot of the first PS2's were found to be defective in some way or another, but that's because Sony wanted to hurry up and start selling their Console.


The PlayStation 2 (often shortened to PS2) is a sixth-generation video game console. The successor to the PlayStation, and the predecessor to the PlayStation 3, the PlayStation 2 forms part of the PlayStation series of video game consoles. Its development was announced in March 1999 and it was released a year later in Japan. Its primary competitors were Sega's Dreamcast, Microsoft's Xbox, and Nintendo's GameCube.

Playstation 2 is by far the most capable of extras than any other system. The PS2 has 2 USB ports which can be used for almost anything. Steering Wheels, Keyboards, Headsets, Modems, and it also has an i-Link port which can be used to link up multiple PS2's to play together.


Playstation 3 is also another new evolution in the world of fun introduced by Sony in 2006. This model has more effective and powerful features than the earlier models introduced. This model has better features and better graphics and in terms of capabilities it is far better than the other ones. In fact this product allows you to play games of both PS1 and PS2.

The PlayStation 3 (PS3) is a graphical powerhouse, with a cutting-edge Cell processor and a customized Nvidia graphics chip that could melt most gaming PCs. But the console goes beyond gaming, doubling as a Blu-ray and DVD movie player. With the release of the PS3 Slim, the playing field has been leveled as both the Xbox 360 Elite and PS3 offer 120GB of storage at the same price point.

A major feature that distinguishes the PlayStation 3 from its predecessors is its unified online gaming service, the PlayStation Network, which contrasts with Sony's former policy of relying on video game developers for online play. Other major features of the console include its robust multimedia capabilities, connectivity with the PlayStation Portable, and its use of a high-definition optical disc format, Blu-ray Disc, as its primary storage medium. The PS3 was also the first Blu-ray 2.0-compliant Blu-ray player on the market.

In general, the real benefit from the PS3 is High Definition. The PS3 outputs a maximum 1080p signal, plays games that are designed for high definition TVs, and plays Blu-Ray movies (which are HD movies). The PS2, on the other hand, outputs a maximum 480p signal, plays games that are generally standard definition, and plays standard DVDs. Of course, the PS3 can play standard DVDs and, through backwards compatibility, play PS1 and PS2 games as well (some of which are available for download on the PlayStation Network).

When you come to a decision whether the new PS3 games are really what you want, or if the old PS2 games are enough. When it comes right down to it, buying a PS3 is looking forward, but buying a PS2 is saving money now. Start your shopping for PS2 or PS3 at , and decide which is best for you. Start your on-line shopping now.

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