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  • Published March 22, 2007
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Chiropractic dwells in the concept of subluxations or misalignment of the spine and Chiropractor are best known for their expertise in adjustment or manipulating the spine by just using their two hands matched by appropriate technique and applied force.

If a patient consults in a Chiropractic clinic, the Chiropractor just like a medical doctor will obtain his/her medical history. The Chiropractor will then perform a physical examination that will specifically give more attention on the patient’s spine. He may also request or conduct an x-ray or ultrasound examination depending on the health condition of the patient. Modern Chiropractors are also using Surface Electromyography Scan that are said to be capable of detecting skeletal or muscular misalignment that hinder the proper function of the nervous system.

After the necessary check-up and verification of the disorder of the patient, the Chiropractor will then design a Chiropractic treatment procedure based on the patient’s health condition. Chiropractic treatments usually involve spine adjustments which are done by applying a controlled but sudden force. These adjustments are performed by using the Chiropractor’s hands. A Chiropractor may likewise use massage and mobilization.

These adjustments are carried out to bring back the misaligned spine or joints that said to cause the patient’s disorder or persistent muscle ache, backache or neck pain. The manipulation or adjustment is also intended to open up the circulation in our body to promote healing. The treatment procedure and its execution may also depend on the approach or style of Chiropractor. Other Chiropractors may also use non-manual procedures like rehabilitative exercise, electrical stimulation, homeopathy, magnetic therapy, heat or ice to treat the patient.

The Chiropractic treatment really depends on the condition of the patient. The duration and range of adjustment is proportional on the extent of misaligned structure in the entire nervous system. Patients who just visited Chiropractic clinic because of their minor muscle pain, neck pain or back ache due to heavy lifting or sudden lifting may only need one to two Chiropractic adjustments.

However, there are instances where a regular Chiropractic care is needed which can mean daily or weekly Chiropractic treatment. Such instances that may involve more than twice of Chiropractic treatment are those patient who suffered from spinal injuries, sport related injuries, arthritis and many other serious and recurrent pain that are due from accidents or muscular and skeletal disorders.

Chiropractic nowadays is also being applied to complement other medical treatment like physical therapy. There are now several practitioners that make use of Chiropractic and other form of alternative medical system like acupressure and the use of herbs to come out with better and more effective treatment plan.

But the beauty of Chiropractic as an alternative medical system is that all its procedure is non-invasive and it does not involve the use of any drugs or medicine to alleviate the pain. It is just adhering on the concept of subluxations and the natural capability of the human body to heal if the skeletal and muscular structure of our body is realigned and placed on its appropriate location.

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