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  • Author Tom Westervelt
  • Published December 16, 2009
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For Centuries, explorers have searched around the world for magical waters, A curative spring, The fountain of youth, where pure refreshing water could make the body healthy, resilient and turn back the hands of time.

Even in modern times, the search for healing waters continues. When scientists conducted tests in places where it was said the waters had miraculous properties, Lourdes in France, and glacial springs in the Himalayas, they made an amazing and important discovery.

The PH Levels of these waters tends to be very alkaline and highly ionized. About 40 years ago, russian scientists ran ordinary water past magnetically charged plates, and devised a simple method of dividing water into two streams, one alkaline and the other acidic.

This process is called ionization, and over the years has been advanced and improved so that simple tap water can be transformed into living energized water with a wealth of life changing properties.

Its here now, and has helped change the lives of millions of people, and its called alkaline ionized water. This amazing water is like no other containing millions of age fighting anti-oxidants in every glass. It Super-Hydrates the body, supplies important calcium and oxygen, and most importantly, helps eliminate harmful toxins and wastes.

Alkaline Ionized water is loaded with negatively charged hydroxyl ions, which act as powerful and pervasive anti-oxidants in the body. They actively seek out positive charged free radicals that wreak

havoc on our cells.

Alkaline Ionized water is actually restructured during electrolysis which significantly improves hydration because the water becomes easier for the body to absorb and utilize. Water from tap or

bottled sources is normally clustered in groupings containing 11 to 16 molecules.

But, alkaline ionized water is reformed during ionization and the water molecules are reduced to only about 5 to 8 molecules per cluster. This allows the water to penetrate the cells easier and can cleanse the cells from within. By being smaller, the water molecules can permeate the cells.

Alkaline Ionized water is also oxygen saturated, as water is ionized the percentagge of oxygen to hydrogen increases significantly giving you a rich source of extra oxygen in a highly absorbable form, which is almost double that of normal tap and bottled water.

Alkaline Ionized water can help give your body back its own ablility to function at its highest level, and maintain a proper Ph balance by providing a rich source of alkaline minerals, like calcium, magnesium, and potassium that the body can easily absorb.

Our bodies have to work very hard to maintain its Ph level, because we are constantly producing acid wastes. Nutrients from our food are delivered to our cells, which they burn with oxygen to provide energy

for us to live, leaving byproducts or wastes which is almost always acidic.

Our blood stream would normally pick up these wastes and filter them thru our kidneys,liver,colon and skin for elimination, but our highly stressed life styles, lack of rest, type of foods we eat, and liquid we drink, toxins we are exposed to and breathe, and many other factors impact our ability to dispose of them quick enough, so the body plays a clever trick.

It converts acidic wastes to solid wastes, then stores the solid wastes in less critical areas, like arteries, capillary blood vessels or fatty areas. Many scientists believe that these processes are at the root of many diseases, and so yet another notion comes out about the importance of water to health.

I had been aware of this research for a number of years, but never realized the potential until I met folks here in the United States that were drinking it daily and actually improving their health.

I could not believe my ears, and then I heard similar stories from others, I had to know more, and then it was clear I had to share it with others. To learn more watch the videos at


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