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  • Published December 17, 2009
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If you live in a big city, your body must be filled with chemicals and toxins that come from the air, water, and food pollution that we breathe, drink, and eat everyday. This comes as no wonder as car emit smoke, industries discharge chemicals on the rivers, and food processing factories keep using chemicals and preservatives.

Of course, the best solution would be to leave the city and go live in the countryside, in the middle of green, drink pure water, eat fresh healthy food, and breathe clean air.

However, we have to deal with reality and our jobs and lifestyles. And while we can’t go to enjoy our future ranch yet, we can help by cleansing our body through a body detox cleanse.

A good detox cleanse will start by forbidding alcohol. The liver, that underrated organ whom nobody ever never thinks about until it fails, has a hard time breaking down alcohol into smaller, simpler elements that can be discharged from the body. In fact, high quantities of alcohol damage the liver and cover it with scar tissue, which will eventually result in cirrhosis.

Stopping smoking is another element that will be included in any detox cleanse treatment. That’s because tobacco is full of dozens of toxins that damage and poison or body slowly but surely. In addition, quitting smoking will give you many long term benefits; among those, the reduction of cancer risk.

All detox cleanse treatments will include drinking at least half a gallon of water a day. That is because our body’s natural detoxification processes use water in order to expel toxins either through sweat or urine.

Doing exercise is also important for a detox cleanse. We are constantly sweating, even if we don’t know it. That’s because sweating is a natural constant process that our body uses for a natural detox. When we do exercise, we accelerate the process greatly, eliminating even more toxins. When we smell bad after exercise, it’s because our nose is telling us that we have to wash off the toxins that we eliminated through the pores.

Following a detox cleanse can be hard for some people. If that is your case, try getting someone from your family to join you at least in an aspect of the detox cleanse. If you have children, you might want to practice a sport with them. Spouses can try to help each other by quitting alcohol or tobacco at the same time.

Lastly, if you’re under medical treatment or you have a permanent medical condition, you might want to consult a physician before you take on a detox cleanse treatment, in order to assure that you’re not subjecting your body to more stress than it can handle.

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