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  • Published December 12, 2009
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Lean-FX™, Anabolic Xtreme’s 3rd Generation Leaning Agent,

is the most potent, Cortisol crushing, thyroid enhancing, and

cognitive elevating formula ever designed to give men and

women the edge in achieving superior body re-composition.

Scientifically engineered and infused with Nano-Release

Technology™, Lean-FX™ is the World’s fastest acting fat

loss accelerator to overcome genetically regulating barriers

while preserving hard-earned lean muscle mass, increasing

lean muscle accumulation, and rapidly infusing the mind with

a profound sense of wakefulness and clarity. No other

formula initiates Cortisol modulation and enhances the

metabolism for superior body re-composition like Lean-FX™.

Redefine your body and mind and finally achieve your goals

with Lean-FX™, available exclusively from Anabolic Xtreme!

Cortisol – What is that?

Cortisol is the body’s primary stress hormone, and is produced and

released by the adrenal glands. Its function is to assist the body in

dealing with every day stresses, and is released in a massive cascading

avalanche during mentally, emotionally, and physically strenuous


Cortisol is released to generate energy for your body to take immediate

action. And guess where that energy comes from? The very amino

acids that make up your muscle tissues, and it is transformed into

glycogen to aid the body in coping with whatever stressor is at hand.

This is an old, pre-programmed genetic response that was highly

successful when we saw a saber tooth tiger and needed to run for our

lives to survive! But we don’t necessarily have saber tooths prowling

around anymore. This particular function of cortisol was designed to

help you survive during caveman times. However, the mental or

emotion stress we experience now in the cubical is far from what

nature intended Cortisol to be used for, and in essence, burns through

muscle tissue, and redirects nutrients to be stored as body fat.

Cortisol itself isn’t bad, despite popular belief. Remember that old

saying "Everything in moderation"? Cortisol regulates and supports

cardiovascular, immunologic, homeostatic, and metabolic functions

that are absolutely essential for your body to function properly.

However, elevated levels of Cortisol, due to stress at work, family, in-

laws, high intensity training, and so on, will also eventually slow your

body’s metabolism. Production of fat burning hormones from the

thyroid gland, including T3 and T4, begin to decline and the body is

forced into a state where it can no longer efficiently process calories

coming in to your system. What that means is you’re now far more likely

to store calories as body fat. Not good!

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