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  • Author Ramon Jpellami
  • Published December 17, 2009
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Since the advent of Apple iPods in 2001, The Mp3 Player has gained so much popularity mainly due to its sleek and simple yet stylish and attractive design. Since its invention millions of units of the product have been sold. It gained popularity mainly due to the portable feature since as it can be carried from one place to another with consummate ease. It comes in various sizes and also comes with a variety of storage options including 20GB to 160GB. The sound quality offered and the battery life is second to none. Since it is one of its kinds and has gained much popularity among the people Apple iPods has also been awarded on numerous occasions ‘the best invention of that year’.

Apple iPods are very user friendly and robust to use. It proves to be an ultimate experience while using it, especially for the music lovers. With every unique and special product comes a features that make it unique to other Mp3 Players. Due to the popularity of Apple iPods, iPod’s accessories have also become a big business, this has also become a big part of their business. The most important and top rated accessory of Apple iPods are screen protectors, charges, case cables and earphones and external speakers.

Apple iPods use LCD screen to display the information such as the audio file being played, volume level etc. Since it is very small it needs very special care while you are travelling. The top accessory of Apple iPod is the case that keeps the iPod safe. It also helps to keep away the dust and dirt away from the electronic devices of the iPod that can be delicate. Another way to protect the iPod is to apply the screen protector to the iPod. It prevents the iPod’s LCD screen from any scratches. The screen protectors nowadays come in various designs that even adds to the stylish factor of the iPod.

The battery life of iPod is very high and it can support music playing up to 18 hours. However, it should be charged properly and regularly. There comes the use of another very important accessory of Apple iPod and that is a charger. The charging requires less time after which you can resume playing music.

Adding new songs to the Apple iPods is very easy and can be accomplished by the use of another important accessory i.e. transfer cables. They can be connected to the iPod and the other end can be connected to the USB drive that are included in any computer manufactured now days. USB drive compatibility with the help of transfer cables makes updating the iPod with new songs easy. Now days, Apple iPods come with a dock feature to which large speakers can be connected to amplify the music being played. The option of speaker accessory can be used in case you do not want to hear the music via earphone that is the most basic accessory provided along with the Apple iPod to hear the music being played.

Overall, the apple iPod is serious Mp3 Player whiles also being a fun piece of equipment with Apple Accessories and Apple iPod Applications to use and personalize.

Ramon jpellami works in electronics and enjoys writing articles about Apple iPods and MP3 players articles in his spare time. You can find more articles and information about him at his website Apple iPod World.

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