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Korean Ginseng is a wonderful healing plant which has been a major element in making medicines in Asian Countries for time unknown. This plant is believed to have amazing properties which improves the immune system. Korean Red Ginseng is the root of the plant that takes nearly 4 -6 years to attain maturity and it is a variety of Panax, the scientific name for Ginseng. The plant usually grows in colder regions of Korea and other parts of Asia as well. It is also known as China Ginseng, Asian ginseng and Asiatic ginger. Korean ginseng can be seen to grow in the wild area and it is also cultivated.

Fleshy Root

Korean red ginseng is a variety of ginseng that is cultivated for at least 6 years and which have been sundried or steamed. Korean ginseng tea is made from Korean red ginseng that is matured in an herbal brew to make the ginseng to become brittle. Korean ginseng benefits can be plenty as having positive effects on boosting energy and improvement of mental health.

Effect on Immune System

Korean Ginseng is an ideal herb to support the overall health and boost the immune system. It is considered to lower the glucose level in blood, control blood pressure, increase stamina, enhance the physical and mental performance, boost the energy levels, increase the response time of older people, provide speedy recovery from ailments and relieve stress.

The Korean ginseng roots and also other variants of Asian Panax ginseng contain highly active chemical properties called panaxosides or ginsenosides that are believed to contain the valuable medicinal compositions to heal many ailments. Korean red ginseng which is well knows as Korean ginseng has been classified as "Generally Recognized as Safe" by the Food and Drug Administration of United States. Ginseng is actually not a drug and can be better termed as food supplement.

Studies Done on Herb

The studies conducted in 2001 reveal that Korean ginseng extract reduces the occurrence of cancer with Korean red ginseng that are heat fermented or steamed to have greater effects.

The studies done in 2002 reveal that Korean red ginseng has tremendous effect on the treatment of impotence and reports have come that it can be beneficial for treating males with erectile dysfunction.

Other study conducted in the same year on the effects of Korean red ginseng on patients with gastric cancer and post operative immunity showed that patients which were administered ginseng had higher survival rate with complete cure of disease and overall high rate of survival for patients who took red ginseng formulations.

Human Consumption of Ginseng Root

Ginseng is believed to be safe for human consumption, and even in large quantities, but it should be administered on basis of the overall evaluation of the health conditions. Korean ginseng is known to reduce blood pressure and treat Diabetes of type 2, so if the patients are taking the prescribed medication to minimize the blood pressure and glucose levels, then they should take advice or consult the physician and check their blood sugar level on regular basis.

Korean ginseng can be taken in various forms. It is available in its normal form as dried root and also used in the preparation of Korean ginseng tea, medications, Korean ginseng extracts and cosmetics as well as other forms of ginseng.

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