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  • Author Jane Prudencio
  • Published December 19, 2009
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Chia Seeds is one of the most healthy food than help you maintain great body. It is rich in fiber, calcium and you can get other health benefits.

More than just a novel seed that cultivated by the Aztecs from Mexico, Chia  seeds or known as Salvia  hispanica in Mexico and South America are  one of the most effective dietary supplement  today in the market. People believe in the effective value of this  seed in helping them for their wellness and serve as preventive mechanism from any illnesses and diseases such as Diabetes and  other colon problems. As a commercialized dietary food nowadays, Chia seeds are called by some people a Dream foods. Why? Let's find out how Chia seeds becoming a dream  food  for everyone.

The Chia Seed is history's forgotten super-food. With origins in the ancient Aztec Empire, it was basically dismissed by the conquistadors and forgotten about it. But today, it was the start where we can start  a  nutrition revolution as we open our mind in the good factors and benefits of Chia seeds. We  are all aware  in our health. So, when we add Chia to our diet, we are improving both taste and nutrition with ease. We don't even need to add in a lot to get the benefits. Just 1 tablespoon per day is enough to boost up more energy, greater healthy vitamins, minerals, complete protein and more fiber. This is  a perfect wellness and a dream food for everyone. As we continue, Chia is enough to give you an anti-oxidant blast which is more powerful than blueberries and other fruits that blows away many of the health foods you may be eating right now. Not only that, if your want to live to that  fullest, Chia helps keep you feeling fuller for longer so you're not tempted to over-eat. A perfect diet  for everyone  because you're snack cravings can be eliminates.This is  a perfect  dietary  mechanism to keep you sexy and healthy in your way of losing weight or getting healthy  while maintaining your normal weight.@@@Let's go back to Chia seeds as a  dream food. When the seed is exposed to liquid water, juice, soda, etc. it activates the soluble fiber outside the seed-shell which each seeds grabs more than 9 times  its own weight in liquid and simply holds it there. The liquid isn't easy to remove so your body treats the liquid with Chia seeds as food-keeping so it takes long time to feel starve again. You can depend on Chia  seeds if you  want better health. As we can see the component of Chia, this seed has 15 times magnesium more tha broccoli, 9 times  Omega 3 more than the amount found in Salmon, 6 times calcium more than whole milk, 2 times fiber more than flax seeds and bran flakes, 3 times Iron more than spinach, More protein than in soy, and the best  thing is No cholesterol. Chia  seeds  is a real dream food  or super food for everyone. No wonder, if you take Chia, you feel healthy, sexy, and fit.

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