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  • Published December 18, 2009
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In health food stores all across the country, you will now find herbal drinks, pills and teas to combat flu symptoms. What is in these herbal supplements, and why are they so popular? People have come to discover how effective herbs can be in warding off the common cold and, more importantly, the flu. Let’s take a look at some of the more popular herbal supplements used to treat the flu.

Green Tea Supplements

One of the most common teas that you may already be aware of is green tea. There is a compound in green tea called EGCG that inhibits the activity of a certain enzyme that promotes cancer cells. This same compound is also very helpful for maintenance of healthy cells in general. It has been documented that people who drink four cups of green tea or more daily have better immune systems, which in the long run means less chance of flu symptoms or illness. Green tea is a great choice, because even if you are not into mixing your herbs, or unaware of how to use tinctures, you can pick up a box of green tea almost anywhere. It has become such a common and popular tea that you can find a wide selection of ready-made teabags in your grocery store.

Red Clover Supplements

Another herb that is a bit less commonplace but provides wonderful support for those with colds and other health issues is red clover. Red clover is a robust, hearty foliage that grows very well in many climates and it is harvested for many medicinal purposes. As mentioned, it is widely used for colds and cough, but it has also been known to work well for skin conditions including eczema. It has even been used for reducing inflammation and combating certain types of tumors. It does contain phytoestrogens, which actually mimic the estrogen produced in the female body, so women who are pregnant or nursing should consult their physician before using red clover to treat a cold or flu. This interesting plant can also be used in a gargle remedy for mouth sores and ulcers. It is quite a handy herb to have in the pantry.

Ginger Supplements

Ginger is another wonderful supplement with many uses. It’s commonly used in cooking and for teas, but it has a number of great medicinal uses as well. It has been used in Eastern medicine for thousands of years! Ginger is an excellent natural treatment for upset stomach, diarrhea and nausea, which are commonly associated with the flu. Even if you are suffering from the flu and are lucky enough to skip these symptoms, ginger is a great help for headaches, sore throat and other symptoms of the common cold and flu. It has even been studied for use in helping arthritis. It is such a versatile supplement to have on hand.

The ginger root is what is most often used to treat flu symptoms. Ginger is a tuber, so it grows underground. Its root is harvested and so is its stem, which can grow up to about a foot long and produce flowers. Ginger products can be made from the fresh or dried root, and some manufacturers use the oil in the root. It is available in extracts, tinctures, capsules and oils. Fresh ginger root can also be made into a tea, and dried ginger is commercially prepared into tea bags that you can now find in your grocery store. Ginger is also a common cooking spice and can be found in a multitude of foods.

Lotus Root Supplements

Lotus root is another ancient root that can be made into a tea, and is an excellent natural treatment for cold and flu symptoms. It is said to have antibiotic properties, and has long been made into tea in several Asian countries. Lotus root is also a rich source of Vitamin C, which is a well-known immunity booster. This pleasant tasting tea is a great way to reduce cold and flu symptoms.

Echinacea Supplements

Echinacea is another great immune system enhancer. This herb has been used for medicinal purposes in this country and others for over a century. Its harvesting has become so popular, in fact, that some states are considering making the plant an endangered species. Especially during the winter months, it is a wonderful supplement to prevent cold and flu. Echinacea is sometimes found in a compound that includes an herb called goldenseal, and this combination really boosts and supports the immune system.

If you are feeling run down or are suffering from cold or flu symptoms, any one of these fine supplements or a combination will do wonders for your immunity and speed your recovery.

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