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  • Published January 20, 2010
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"If you eat healthy then you will stay fit and feel good. In order to keep one mentally and physically fit and to maintain proper life cycle one should eat balanced diet and food that provide high quality protein, fibers and other nutritious and essential elements. Brown rice is a well known, healthy source of protein. Brown rice uses no chemicals during processing and is purely made under natural process.

Brown rice is full of proteins and contains iron, magnesium, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Brown rice has low fats quantity which helps to control the cholesterol and normalize the blood level.

Brown rice protein is produced by utilizing different farming methods in which they try to eliminate or at least minimize the usage of pesticides, antibiotics and fertilizers which are beneficial for preserving the brown rice protein.

Using no artificial means during extraction of Brown Rice Protein from the brown rice makes sure that the nutrients are kept intact in the end product. Brown rice proteins are Gluten-free. They can be used as an ideal alternative to soy and animal products.

Nutritional Value of Brown Rice Proteins

Below is the nutritional value of brown rice protein

• 13g of brown rice protein in 150 grams/7oz of Raw Brown rice

• 5.2g of brown rice protein in 150 grams/7oz of Boiled Brown rice

Importance of brown rice fiber in every day life

Brown rice protein is very healthy and nutritious. In our everyday life we need about 15-25gm fiber in order to keep ourselves strong. One cup brown rice contains 3 1/2gm of fiber. It is important to note that white rice has lesser fibers than brown rice. Moreover brown rice proteins contain high quantity of insoluble fibers which gives protection against various diseases like cancer.

Brown Rice Proteins as everyday meal

Brown rice protein is easily digestible. These are high organic proteins and have high nutritional value. You can take one to two servings of brown rice protein in a day as snacks or replacement to other meals.

Brown Rice Proteins - the healthiest food

Brown Rice is considered to be one of the important foods all over the world. Brown rice is ranked as one of the excellent source of protein and healthiest food all over the world. Brown rice proteins truly provide a fast and allergy free solution to get additional proteins whilst enjoying the benefits of delicious brown rice."

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