The Snack Tribes, Are You Fan of Manimoto?

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  • Author Andres Granados
  • Published February 5, 2010
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Globalization has impact our lives!

My name is Andres Granados, I ask you something. you know how many Colombians are strewn all over the planet? and strange to have their traditions nearby?.

Many times we are alone and without any option to obtain and remember a bit of our land, beyond the television, Internet or radio.

would be able to enjoy a delicious cup of chocolate or a good arepa paisa? Getting up every day with these delicacies am quite sure that would encourage us all day but significantly.

Many of us went to seek a better life, but rather are three major problems: First, lack of language (in the case of immigrants to the U.S. and other English-speaking countries) the second, the lack of that warmth that found in our society, we are known for being more friendly and sincere. The third is that we really need these rich delicacies pleasing to the palate, day after day. Vaguely we make a copy-not very good, what we liked in our country. A soup, empanadas etc. without the same taste. and find a way to fill those cravings and desires of many outside their home country, we set the task of searching the tastes and needs larger and we can put into action a plan of action to contribute a bit to our country.

Also outside of the traditional dishes there are also other kinds of foods that are normally in world gastronomy, are called many things Snacks, candy or the well-known rope. In Colombia we have a large variety and are well rooted in the culture and have even created groups that are fans of one product over another. Recently I was looking on Facebook a little about the cultures created around certain products, I find a great greeted by a product specific the Manimoto. Hundreds of people still love this product and becoming part of his life. Also find great products such as greeted by Nucita, Sparkie, adams chewing gum and even down to the same Margarita potato chips etc...

Looking at this great need for these products we created a virtual store. In your store you can find the products most desired by you all. After 5 years of experience knowing the tastes of the immigrant population we did the most appropriate selection to supply you with what really you want, having it at one click away at your doorstep. We seek the best suppliers and best prices guaranteed!!! for a complete experience in the store.

I invite you to think for a moment..... remember being in those times that you met at your local store to buy your cravings, now you can do so virtually from any place where you are. Just thought it would be good and proper...

Become a fan and get a lot of discounts and bonuses on your favorite products. Also let us know that you would like to have on hand so we can improve every day.

We invite you to Visit Now your store and review all the delights we have for you. feel confident in letting us know your points of view, are quite valuable to us... See you at the other side!!

Andres Granados

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