Internet Marketing Success – What Comes First Chicken or the Egg?

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  • Published February 23, 2010
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Internet marketing strategy and SEO firm questions the logic of launching a website before creating an Internet marketing strategy leading White Hat Marketing to expand its website development team

New York, NY (PRWeb), October __, 2006 – The recipe for success on the Internet has been turned upside down by White Hat Marketing. The proverbial question of which came first the chicken or the egg set the wheels in motion for the e-marketing firm to add to its website design and development team.

"It just makes sense," Robert Melillo, President, Sales & Marketing, White Hat Marketing begins. "You start with the right sales and marketing plan and then craft a website to advance that plan," Melillo continues.

Estimates of e-commerce surpassing $250 billion in 2006 has resulted in e-commerce websites and business websites being launched in astonishing numbers. With websites being offered by some companies for as little as $299, small businesses and micro-businesses are lining up with their checks and credit cards in hand with visions of their slice of the $250 billion internet prize in their heads.

"Investing $300 in a website will prove less successful than if you spent that $300 on lottery tickets. Simply put, you get what you pay for and $299 is not going to be your key to success," Melillo explains. "But it’s less about the investment in your website and more about the investment in your website marketing," Melillo continues.

Questioning the formula of whether the Internet marketing strategy should be catered to the website or whether the website should be catered to the Internet marketing strategy, has opened up the e-marketing firm to some criticism from website designers and considerable praise from website owners.

"It was so encouraging to hear someone talk about the success of my website and not just about what it should or shouldn’t have," Lisa Custodio, CompraPR, explains. "I am not launching my website just to say I have a nice website, I’m launching it to succeed and putting a marketing strategy in place first just seemed right," Custodio concludes.

"We start thinking about mailing lists, website promotions, sweepstakes, newsletters, and other marketing strategies before the website even has a name," Melillo explains. "We create a roadmap for success before the car leaves the garage," Melillo concludes.

This new approach to success online has led White Hat Marketing to assemble a team of designers and developers charged with the responsibility of creating the websites that will bring the marketing strategies to life.

"It’s an interesting challenge for our developers and designers to breathe life into a marketing plan, but they see the benefits of this novel approach and more important the clients see the results of this approach," Ernesto Custodio, President, Operations, White Hat Marketing explains. "We know we reversed the traditional method but it just makes more sense to focus on success first," Custodio concludes.

With the Internet marketing and website development industry already abuzz with trying to define what industry buzzword ‘Web 2.0’ is and is not, White Hat Marketing may have started a trend that will have discussions of Web 2.0 obsolete before the industry is even able to define it.


White Hat Marketing, LLC, is a limited liability company based in New York. Focusing on a client’s return on investment, White Hat Marketing uses traditional and innovative Internet marketing strategy techniques to draw traffic to a website and convert the traffic into sales and leads.

In August 2006, White Hat Marketing obtained a website content firm and expanded its website development team to provide a full menu of services from website design and development to marketing and search engine optimization (SEO).



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