The evil of addiction and the possible remedies

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  • Author Joseph Warner
  • Published February 15, 2010
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Today addiction is the most common thing that people are suffering from. Addiction cause a lot of harm to anyone’s normal life. As you are addicted to any particular drug you can not stop yourself from taking something or seeing anything or thinking any particular thing. You can be addicted to watching movies or watching TV or addicted eating some particular thing as you can take junk foods. But all these types of addictions are of ‘granted’ kind of but what can be said dangerous is the addiction of some drugs or medicines. Because all these harm your normal physical activity and mental standard. Addiction to alcohol or drug or cigarettes can be dangerous as we see the proof in year by year statistics. And among all these drug addiction is the most dangerous and deadlier than alcohol. Lethal drugs like Cocaine, Heroine, LSD, Marijuana, Hashish etc are found all over the world and they are cause of millions of deaths. Government of every country is trying to uproot these addiction and the drugs. Some of them have already succeeded.

In several countries drugs are banned but that does not prevent drug addiction. Young generation and teenage people are more and more getting addicted to these things. In their list newly added drugs are painkillers. Addiction to painkillers has become a standard form of drug in taking these days. People who take drug regularly are getting addicted to various painkillers for its cheap price and availability. Painkiller addiction is now the most common form of addiction of the world. Govt. cannot even stop this and put a ban on painkillers as it is mainly used in medical purposes. Although, addiction to painkillers is intentional for some people, some even get addicted after they are being prescribed with painkillers by the doctors or physicists. Some cases are very tragic in this connection as there are several patients who feel after their complete cure that they are suffering from chronic pains if they do not take these pills. They fall in a kind of addiction to painkillers. Even after they get completely cured from the injury or any other pain, they keep on taking painkillers. Normally people buy and take painkillers if there is any pain in their body parts. And as a result they can not understand what fatal thing they are doing. Taking painkillers to an extent is normal but using it excessively is not normal as it only brings dangerous side effects and whenever you try to give up this addiction to painkillers, certain withdrawal symptoms show up. These withdrawal symptoms are so painful that the addicts get back to the addiction again. Not only painkiller addiction but prescription drug addiction and pharmaceutical drug abuse are also two new things in this list. The case of prescription drug addiction is also similar to that of painkiller addiction.

To get rid of this fatal addiction is not very easy and a task of a day. It requires a long time and a long process and need extra care and patience to handle some tough and sensitive situations that occurs in the time of treatment. And for this special treatment you need rehabilitation centers like Sunset Malibu. Here all the treatment like prescription drug addiction treatment, painkiller addiction treatment is available with extensive care and comfort and with affordable price. Surely you do not want to bargain with your life. Sunset Malibu is the place where prescription drug rehab, opiate rehab, painkiller addiction rehab everything is available.

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