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  • Author Ann Mclaren
  • Published February 27, 2010
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An online marketing degree is in fact a bit of a misnomer, since there is no such thing!

Clearly higher education centers and colleges offer advanced courses in marketing but there is no degree purposely dedicated to online marketing.

There are two very good reasons for that, which directly affect you if you're entering the profession of online marketing.

The first reason an online marketing degree does not exist is due to the fact the Internet and the habits of its users are always varying, meaning that the criteria of an online marketing degree course would be frequently changing, and by the time you'd graduated, what you'd learned would already be out of date!

Due to the fact that the online marketing industry is a fairly new industry, it evolves around the latest fashions and behaviors of the online community.

An online marketing degree course could never hope to keep pace.

The second reason there is not an online marketing degree is because you would not need it anyway!

A degree is only of some use if the profession you join requires you to be qualified before you can begin to operate.

As an online marketer it is irrelevant how much or how little you have studied.

In online marketing it's all about results.

Once you become a skilled marketer you will make a great income. In fact, online marketing, like selling of any sort, is one of the fairest industries there is, because your income will be directly related to your skill set.

The better you are at marketing, the more you'll make.

This means that although a degree in online marketing is not essential, for you to achieve your goals as an online marketer it is vital that you engage in professional development.

A degree signifies "I'm finished studying, I've qualified, I've got the knowledge" but as an online marketer the learning never ceases.

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