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  • Published May 3, 2007
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There are many different ways for treating acid reflux naturally. Certainly the great thing about using an acid reflux natural treatment compared to more conventional medications prescribed by your doctor or over the counter are that they do not have any unwanted side effects. Unfortunately any natural treatment is not a cure to the condition.

Therefore if you are someone who is regularly suffering with acid reflux or who has other serious health problems or is taking medication then you should talk to your doctor first before trying out any natural treatments for acid reflux.

The most effective way of making a natural treatment for acid reflux is in the form of a tea drink. By taking the treatment in the form of tea it allows your body to absorb the herbs properties much more quickly. You can either purchase ready prepared herbal teas or you can make up your own infusion by buying the various parts of the plant (leaves, flowers and roots) that you are going to be using. All you need to do to make a tea infusion is pour boiling water over the herbs in question and then leave it to stand for around 10 minutes so that the water becomes infused with the properties of the herbs.

One particular good natural treatment not just for acid reflux but other digestive problems is chicory. The most commonly used part of this plant to be used is the root which is readily available in your local grocery store or through a health food store. This particular plant is often used as a substitute for coffee. Although both the leaves and flowers of this plant are not particularly easy to get hold of they also aid in helping a person's digestive system.

Another great natural treatment for acid reflux is chamomile which can be brought in many stores today as a ready prepared tea drink. As it helps you to relax this particular acid reflux natural treatment is especially good for those people who suffer with this problem at night. When taken at night it helps you to relax and prevent the problems associated with night time acid reflux.

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