Prescription drugs should be taken only if prescribed or it may lead to addiction

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  • Published March 24, 2010
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Do you think the prescription drugs are safer and less addictive than the street drugs? Then you are making a serious mistake. Most people usually take medicines according to their physician’s prescription but there are some people who use the prescription drugs for non-medical reasons. This can be defined as prescription drug abuse which is now days a serious and maturing problem. Even experts are indulging their valuable time to analyze the reason behind it. Certainly, the online availability is one of the reasons because online pharmacies are making the collection of these medicines easier without valid prescriptions irrespective of all ages.

Conscious or ignorant use of these drugs can lead one to addiction. The drugs may be narcotic painkillers, sedatives, tranquilizers, or stimulants. However, what type of drugs you are taking does not matter, but the important thing is if you have valid prescriptions or whether you are taking it properly and not in overdose. The medications, if consumed in an overdose, may cause the user’s dependence on these drugs. It works on the user’s brain and changes the brain’s chemistry, making it less effective at producing chemicals such as dopamine or endorphins. Once the brain stops producing these chemicals itself, it needs some other stimulants to produce. Thus the prescription drug addict becomes physically dependent on the medication. In this way, the body craves for more and more medications leading the user to addiction.

The excessive use of these prescription drugs steers the addict to anxiety, depression, difficulty in sleeping, loss of interest in relationships, and many more complications. The deduction in use releases the much known withdrawal symptoms. The withdrawal indications affect immunity and thrive on stability. Some surveys conducted by experts revealed that 85-90 percent prescription drug users, while suffering the immensely abominable effects, relapse and get addicted to the drugs again. A reliable rehab center like drug rehab sunset malibu can help you with prescription drug treatment by closely monitoring the issues related with addiction. In sunset malibu, you can get the proper and most comfortable treatment as well as psychological lesson which help the patient in eradicating the roots of addiction both physically and psychologically.

Moreover, there are different types of prescription drugs available which can administer diverse adverse problems. Some of the drugs and their mode of intoxications are given below diverse adverse problems:

Barbiturates: it comes in the pet name of Nembutal, Amytal, Birds, Yellows, etc. the excessive of its intake results in confusion, respiratory depression, poor memory, fatigue, etc.

Benzodiazepines: it may assume the pet name of Ativan, Xanax, Valium, etc and causes unusual excitement, slurred speech, dizziness, and fever.

Stimulants: cocaine, methamphetamine, etc. fall in the group of stimulants which can induce cardiac and neurological damage, impaired memory, hypertension, weight loss, and other coincidental problems.

Other opioid pain relievers such as oxycodone, hydrocodone are available in the street names of dilaudid, lorcet, Darvocet, tylox, oxycet, etc, the intoxication effects of which include nausea, constipation, sedation, coma, muscle cramp, etc. Therefore, we have to be very much cautious while taking those medicines and obviously under medical supervision.

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