Opium Rehab Is Needed To Start An Addiction Free Life

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  • Published March 20, 2010
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If we search opium addiction facts and its history, we can see that it has been a problem since the 1850s when morphine emerged as a non addictive substitute. With the outcome of morphine, it came to be a bigger problem than opium. Addicts crave for rawer and strong narcotic was solved by heroin, another opium derivative. With the practice of taking opium or its derivatives, the possible cure was invented and it took the name of methadone. But methadone, later also proved to be more addictive and fairly dealing with the life threatening withdrawal. By the end of 1990s, the mortality rate from opium derivatives was estimated and it increased up to 20 times larger than the general population.

Opium is a narcotic substance, and also the crudest and least potent form of opiates. It is derived from the milky latex fluid contained in the un-ripened seed pod of the opium poppy. The fluid hardens and turns black in color when it is exposed in the air. It does not have current medical use but it is used comprehensively for commercial purpose as raw material for producing morphine and codeine. Generally, opium which is used for commercial use appears to be a fine brownish powder, or black/brown solid substance like tar. It is also available in liquid form. The dried form of it is typically smoked and can also be eaten. It is grown mainly in Myanmar, Afghanistan and Mexico. Though it existed thousand years ago for medicinal and ritualistic reasons, eventually it began being used as a recreational drug until the late 19th century.

Opium is awfully addictive. As soon as a person starts taking, it develops the tolerance on the addict. The tolerance gradually increases and the need for higher and higher doses is needed to effectuate the same feeling. In course, the physical and psychological dependence develop quickly. When the addict tries to get rid of it, he tapers it off and withdrawal symptoms come to the fore. Opium using is not at the safe zone. It exercises several side effects on the body and its side effects are not limited to malnutrition, respiratory complexities, low blood pressure, constipation, concentrated pupils, mood alteration, frequent infections and damages of important organs. The most detrimental side effect if it is addiction. Addiction comes very rapidly and sometimes within weeks. Once one gets addicted, continues using it not only for the purpose of intoxication and physical dependence, but also to avoid the painful side effects associated with withdrawal syndrome. Sometimes, chronic use of overdose can mean a coma or early death due to seizures like respiratory failure or heart failure.

Moreover, opium based drugs such as morphine and heroin can completely change your behavioral codes. You get into utter despair because your reputation and opportunities start to disappear and it may result in family, social problems. For all these above mentioned reasons, opium rehab is necessary. To start journey toward new fresh life, you can contact professional drug rehab centers like drug rehab Sunset Malibu.

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