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  • Published March 30, 2010
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A few decades ago, India was more of a butter country. You would find the staple breakfast of bread and butter in many urban homes, but rarely would find a cheese block somewhere in the house. Cheese was more or less kept for sandwiches, or to create dishes that would go along as evening dishes or accompaniments to cocktails. In India, cheese is used as cheese blocks, grated cheese and cheese spreads. Cheese in India is normally used as a breakfast staple since several years.

Now, however, the mainstream use of cheese and cheese spreads has increased in the urban mainstream. While a few years ago Indians had access to only one type of basic cheese, several companies have entered the foray and there are multiple cheese types that are available at the stores. Cheese can basically be broadly defined into hard cheese, soft cheese and very hard cheese. The different kinds of cheese types that are available today are:

Parmesan: Parmesan is a dry and hard cheese that is prepared from skimmed cow milk. Sometimes, partially skimmed cow’s milk is used to prepare Parmesan cheese. Parmesan cheese has a richer and sharper flavor than other cheese and is commonly used for grating.

Cheddar: Cheddar is another kind of hard cheese that is relatively more famous than the other hard cheese. Cheddar can be mild or sharp flavored and can be smooth or dry, depending on the age of the cheese. Cheddar can be anything from just a month old to even three years old. Cheddar cheese is normally used for cooking purposes and as ingredients for soups and sauces. Cheese is also used for grating and melting. Spices are added to the Cheddar to improve its taste.

Romano: Romano is a type of very hard cheese which is made with a mixture of cow’s milk along with a sheep or goat’s milk. It is named after the City of Rome. Romano cheese is normally used for grating. Romano is either very sharp or even mild in flavor.

Brie: Brie is a kind of soft cheese that has a tangy or fruity flavor. It is normally used to be served with fruits and salads. Brie can also be used as an accompaniment for roast beef sandwich.

Mascarpone: Mascarpone is Italian cream cheese. This cheese is very rich, used in desserts and sometimes can be seen in cheesecakes.

There are several cheese companies India. Popular cheese brands amongst them are from Amul, Britannia and Mother’s Dairy. Amul is one of the well known cheese company in India.

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