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  • Published April 4, 2010
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The suggestions offered so far have been made for the purpose of discovering symbols or patterns in which to build the layouts for valentine. Advertisements framed in this way are likely to possess the first characteristic listed at the beginning of valentine week. In building to a pre-conceived pattern, it is likely that the various units of the layout may be of striking shapes.

A striving after shapes alone, however, is worthy of attention. This may be done methodically, with pad and pencils. The limits of valentine advertisement are indicated by the broken line in the usual manner and two pieces of paper are then roughly washed with water color, one dark gray and the other light gray. The red color is used for the illustration and the light color is used for the text matter. The limits of the real estate advertisement are indicated by the broken lines in the usual manner. When the most acceptable arrangement is arrived at, a rough layout may then be drawn and refined. By "referred" we mean that the arrangement itself must, in turn, be made acceptable to the artist, the copywriter and the real states advertiser, when none of these persons is the layout man himself. The suggested shape of the illustration having been prepared, the space for the next may be a little more or a little less than is necessary.

It is apparent from the above that the layout man has here taken the first step by furnishing the artist and writer with "ideas" for their respective roles. In practice, however, this is not always desirable or unusual. The picture for a series of advertisements may have been prepared or the "copy" written before the layout man is called upon to do his job. Such condition need not be restrictive with modifications; the patch work method may still be employed. Finished drawing or photographs may usually be cut to the shape devised by the layout man; but cutting will call for discrimination. When, therefore, the final pattern has been decided upon, it is a good plan to cut a "mask" to the shape required and lay this mask upon each of the drawings so that only the inessential are hidden. The use of a mask will enable one to decide whether the shape suggested for the illustration is advisable for all illustrations drawn for the real estate series.

To summarize, we can make no hard and fast rules for laying out the modernistic advertisement techniques for the real estate industries. The major objective is the unique and the unusual as opposed to the usual and the orthodox. Simi Valley Real Estate efforts are limited only by the demand that our advertisement must attract, interest, aroused desire and conviction and possibly, impel action.

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