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  • Author Peter Gooding
  • Published April 23, 2010
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In the world of building a new home on acres of land, buying your lot is only the beginning. As you consider where you house will stand, you will want to think through several points. Where the home is built will make as much difference as the style and architecture chosen. Here are a few tips on locating the perfect spot for your home.

The Basic Necessities

With a large land parcel of 35 or more acres, it might pay to find a location best suited to putting in your basic needs such as roads for transportation, water, electric, and gas. If you want to be a distance away from the entrance road, make sure it is possible and within your budget to put in a good driveway to the house. Be sure your water source, whether a personal well or connection to city sources is in reasonable proximity to the building. Remember that pipes must be properly installed and costs should be determined. Whatever your plan for electricity or gas, stop later issues from arising by planning ahead if the location will have any effect.


If your acreage has any slopes or grades, be sure you either avoid or use them to maximum potential. Building on hills can have excellent advantages but added cost as well. Perhaps you can use the lands natural rise to enhance your view or give you the option of a basement, second story deck, or appealing elevated feel. However, check into the costs associated and meet with your contractors before making a final decision. Be very careful with a home on lower land, making sure water runoff will not create problems. If the land will have to be leveled, check into estimates and take this into consideration.


Once you have pinpointed the site for your home, you will need to decide on a north/south or east/west facing house. The key to finding the best option for direction will be based on views and weather. If you plan on large windows and patios in the back portion, be sure any picturesque views are in eyesight. Check the area in the morning and evening to be sure you do not end up missing a spectacular sunset every night. Next consider the sun and if you want to maximize or minimize. If the climate is normally cold be sure you let in the light, but areas with high end temperatures should generally face north/south so that large windows in the front and back are not in direct light. Finally, find out about the typical direction of winds in the area so your most frequented outdoor living space is not located in direct wind blasts.

Once you have worked through a few essential points when choosing the location for your new home, you can begin the design and building stage knowing your first steps have been carefully taken.

Peter Gooding is an expert at selecting home sites for properties in northern Arizona. His knowledge of the seasons and terrain of the real estate in Prescott, AZ allows him to be able to choose the best spot for your home on Arizona ranch land.

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