The Main Costs Involved in International Moving

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  • Published April 29, 2010
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International moving can be a very costly affair. Not only will you have to spend money planning and preparing for your move, but you will also have to pay to set yourself up in your new place. While the costs of such a venture will naturally vary from one person to the next, it is possible to gauge just how much you should put aside for your budget simply by taking a look at your moving plans. Hiring international movers will definitely need a substantial investment on your part, but the amount you actual end up paying will depend entirely on how large your shipment is, your timeline, the accessorial services you choose and type of carrier you select.

Moving services can cost anywhere between £3,500 all the way up to £30,000 depending on what you have to transport. The lower end costs entail transporting very little – mainly clothing and maybe one or two pieces of furniture or the contents of a small apartment. On the other end of the scale you are looking at the removal costs of an entire house – the larger the house and the greater the contents, the costlier the moving services.

The costs involved in international moving are not solely the charges you must assume for international movers, but also for the customs clearance, packing, insurance, storage if needed, transport between ports or airports and other sundry accessorial services that you might wish to include in your moving services contract. You must also not forget that you will have to spend money on a hotel if you do not already have a home or apartment ready for you or you will have to spend money on the down payment for a home in your new country. If you are buying real estate in your new country then you will have to remember that such a transaction has it own costs to deal with including all of the closing costs.

International moving is not for the faint of heart. If you have a family and a house with furniture and plenty of belongings that will need to come with you, then you will have to plan your move ahead of time and budget every little detail so that you are not caught at the last minute wondering how you are going to pay for the international movers that you will have to hire to help with your removal. If you have been hired by a company, then oftentimes the company will help to defray these costs. Most employers will either pay the entirety of the moving services of a portion of it so that you only have to deal with the rest of the remaining amount.

The costs of international moving might seem daunting at first and may even cause some people to think twice about their plans to relocate, however, if planned well and done right, then the costs of a removal do not have to be cause for a change of plans. Instead budget your move properly, get rid of those items that you can replace easily and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime.

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