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  • Published May 9, 2010
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When visiting Las Vegas, make sure to complete your stay by sampling a sumptuous steak dinner at a Las Vegas Steakhouse. The area has a number of steak houses of varying styles, prices, qualities, and menus. It is important to ask around, get feedback, and do your research to know which establishment is best, given your needs and preferences. Once you get the appropriate answers, you're in for an unforgettable culinary adventure in Las Vegas.

One of the more popular "go-to" types of places in Las Vegas is a Brazilian Steakhouse. Las Vegas Brazilian Steakhouses have a tremendous following. This all-you-can-eat style of dining has become just as popular, if not more so, in Las Vegas as it has all over the world. It allows diners to have as much Brazilian Churrasco as they can eat, without spending a fortune.

Origins of Brazilian Steakhouses

The origin of the Churrascaria, better known as a Brazilian steakhouse, can be traced back to South America. The definition of what a Brazilian restaurant should be has evolved over the years as other cultures have developed their own interpretation. Translated roughly from Portuguese; Churrasco refers to the barbeque style of cooking. In most parts of Brazil, the Churrasco involves a charcoal roasting technique; however, in regions of Brazil close to the borders of Argentina and Uruguay, embers of wood are also used. As an authentic Las Vegas Brazilian Steakhouse, Via Brasil Steakhouse features one of the best and most traditional Churrascarias of any Las Vegas Steakhouse.

When it comes to an authentic Brazilian style dining experience, you can't expect the typical. You won't be offered a menu, you won't have to settle for just one type of food, and your server isn't going to just give you your meal and leave you alone. This is where it gets exciting.

As a guest, once you're seated, you are given a disc. This disc is green on one side and red on the other. Flipping your disc green-side up will signal the Passadores, better known as meat waiters. They eagerly await the opportunity to display their varying array of skewered beef, chicken, pork, and fish; each fresh off the barbeque and bursting with flavor.

As an all-you-can-eat style of dining, you and your guests may take all that you want. Once you’ve filled your plate, simply flip the disc over to the red side; this tells the Passadores you're done making your selections. If you decide you want more, just flip your disc over to green again.

Aside from the meat, which is the difference between a Brazilian style Las Vegas Steakhouse versus any other; this type of restaurant is also known for the many features of the gourmet salad bar. These salad bars may offer over thirty items, all made fresh daily, utilizing only the freshest ingredients. If you're out on a date or if you simply want to unwind with friends, Brazilian steakhouses also offer a wide selection of wine and other adult beverages. First timers are encouraged to try the Caipirinha, the classic national cocktail of Brazil, made with Brazilian Cachaça, fresh passion fruit and a touch of sugar. So relax and enjoy your stay in Las Vegas by visiting a Brazilian steakhouse.

A Standout in Las Vegas Steakhouse's

Las Vegas is home to every luxury there is, such as a number of five-star hotels, huge casinos, and live entertainment. The free-spending lifestyle of the area has attracted several businesses. One type of business that has made a big impact on discriminating guests and diners is the Las Vegas Steakhouse. The establishment offers everything you would ever want on your meal. And when this is coupled with excellent service, nice atmosphere, and great views, the mixture is unbeatable.

With all the many various attractions, restaurants, and gambling venues offered in Las Vegas; it is difficult for a single establishment to stand out. Beyond the monumental hotel buildings, there is a more practical consideration; where to eat. Las Vegas offers several dining establishments aside from the casino/hotel restaurant. If you have time to visit the areas of Las Vegas beyond the Strip, it is highly recommended that you explore an authentic Brazilian "Churrascaria".

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