Why Belgian Chocolate Should Be In Your Easter Basket

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  • Author Wade Lucas
  • Published May 3, 2010
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Spring is right around the corner. We are all young again, it is time to think about planting our gardens. Time to start thing about the up coming baseball season. It is also Easter, time to celebrate the resurrection of Christ. It is time to decide what we will fill those Easter baskets with. Read on I have a delicious and healthy suggestion.

I have several reasons for believing Belgian chocolate should be in your Easter basket. I will only discuss a few of them in this article. We will discuss the high quality of Belgian chocolate and some very healthy reasons to fill your baskets with chocolate. Not to mention the best reason of all they are delicious.

It seems to me that chocolate is becoming the favorite candy gift for all holidays. Easter is no exception, in fact outside of Valentine’s Day more chocolate is probably sold on Easter then any other holiday. We will without a doubt be buying baskets for our children, and gifts for our wife, or girl friend. Since chocolate will be the number one treat, we should give the most delicious tasting of course. One they will love, after all the people we love deserve the best. With this in mind we should give them the best and give from our heart. Reason one give the best tasting chocolate, Belgian chocolate.

Every year I go to the store and see people shelling out their hard earned money on Easter baskets that are over priced. Not to mention very poor in quality. Maybe that is because they fail to plan in advance? I don’t know what their reasons are. I only hope they will stop and consider before they purchase something that will not benefit their love one at all. I believe that we should buy empty baskets and fill them ourselves, this will ensure quality for our loved ones. We should always look for quality before we spend our money. Dark Belgian chocolate is the best quality gift that we can give on Easter. Reason two the very best quality is Belgian chocolate.

It is obvious that most of the treats we have in our Easter baskets are not treats at all. They are in my opinion very poor treats when it comes to good health and nutrition. We live in a time where people are more quality conscience. We are concerned with aging(at least I am) nutrition and over all the quality of our health. With that in mind it makes sense to fill those Easter baskets with dark Belgian chocolate. The cocoa in dark chocolate posses an antioxidant much more powerful then any other antioxidant rich food or beverage. Dark chocolate is also vitamin rich and contains nutrients that the body needs to prevent disease and fatigue. Reason three Belgian chocolate health wise is the very best treat we can indulge in on Easter.

Easter is a time for fun and Easter egg hunts. Dressing up and going to Church, spending time with the family. Easter is also the time when we give gifts. Before we give gifts though we should stop and consider what is good tasting, high quality and healthy. That is why Belgian chocolate should be in your Easter basket!

I guess my bias probably shows in my article about the benefits of eating dark chocolate. But the taste is great also, in fact unmatched by any other. Browse through our store and see for yourself the gourmet chocolates, fresh roses and other gourmet gifts we have.http://www.qualitygourmetchocolate.com

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