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  • Published May 3, 2010
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Are you trying to figure out what type of guitar would be the best, or most appropriate, to start honing your skills to be a professional player someday? Are you considering a bass or electric? That answer is definitely within you.

It's up to you to figure out for yourself what will suit your musical tastes. Do you consider yourself to be moody? Or are you more of an alternative music kind of person? Do you find yourself drawn to jazz, or responding more to the feel of Spanish music? The type of guitar you choose will depend on the music you love to listen to.

There is always a sense of confusion for every beginner when it comes to choosing the best guitar for themselves. Trying to decide which guitar to buy is difficult as deciding who is sexier - Jessica Alba or Angelina Jolie? To help you make a final decision, check out these tips for choosing the best guitar type for whatever kind of music you will want to learn to play.

  1. Think seriously about what kind of music you prefer. This is really an important step. In fact, it's probably the most important decision you'll make. The truth is the music we love to listen to is what also influences what we like to play. When you hear someone strumming a guitar, do you find yourself enjoying the lighter parts of the tune or more of the hard core sections of the music? Whatever kind of music you enjoy listening to should be the basis of what type of guitar you choose.

  2. Check out the size of your budget. How much can you afford to spend? Will it be worth the extra funds or savings? Be sure to use your own better judgment when it comes to buying a less expensive, but well made guitar. If you are dealing with a limited budget in your life, then choose one that will work without breaking the bank. Don't let yourself fall in love with an instrument you can't afford at this time. However, if you see something that melted your heart, felt like it fit perfectly in your hands, and you can't live without it, then check with a sales person at the store to see if you can work out an installment plan to pay for it. Having good communication skills will always result in a better understanding.

  3. It's up to you to choose the features that you want your guitar to have. Once you've lined up your financial resources and made a list of the features most important to you, it's time to go pick up that guitar you've had your eye for several months. With the broad variety of guitars to choose from these days, it's up to you to determine your best choice in the guitars that are available - whether bass or electric, classical or acoustical, follow your best instincts. Most beginners will focus more on the tone, but there will be those who consider style more important.

However, if you still find yourself straddling the fence between two excellent choices, take a friend along who is already proficient at playing a guitar and let him help determine which one would be the best for you. Don't ever be shy about what your decision is based on.

How to choose between an electric or acoustic guitar. When it comes to making a choice, there will always be two sides to it. It's a just a matter of weighing the pros and cons of each side. When you compare electric and acoustic, you'll find the electric guitar will be easier to use, but is complicated by all the wires and plugs involved. If you decide you want to play on an electric guitar, keep in mind you'll also need to purchase additional equipment.

One of the advantages to an electric guitar over an acoustic is the electric is easier on the fingers when you're playing. Other than that issue, it's really more advisable overall to play an acoustic guitar. You don't need any picks. With an acoustic you are able to play it by just using your fingertips on the strings. And let's face it, it's definitely less expensive than an electric guitar.

Now all your options have been listed, it's time you decide what you believe will work the best for you. Even those you have a lot of principles to consider, when it comes down to a choice it will not be hard.

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