The Best Cannabis Seeds In 2010


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  • Published May 15, 2010
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Regardless of why you are interested in growing cannabis (marijuana) plants, there are top rated seed to purchase this year in 2010. With some of the best effects, and most affordability, you can learn what the top rated seed packages in 2010 are when you read on.

One of the best cannabis seeds in the year 2010 currently, would be the Early XXX seeds. These will generally cost you a little bit more than $4 per seed, but will give you results you have always wanted. They are not a feminized seed group, however they are fairly easy to grow taking around 6 weeks to fully sprout. They are undeniably extremely potent, and grow best indoors, so you can keep your growing to yourself.

Another one of the best cannabis seeds in the year 2010, would be the White Whidow seeds, which will generally cost you anywhere over $6 per seed. This is what would be considered medicinal weed, and is more potent than most would be able to believe. This is known to be one of the strongest cannabis seeds around currently with a 28% THC level. Taking around 2 months to sprout fully, both inside or out, with a normal difficulty level, these unfeminized seeds are a great choice for your next growing experience.

The last but never least on this list of the best cannabis seeds in the year 2010, would be the Zensation seeds, which is an F1 hybrid which is in the same family as White Widow, a legend in cannabis seeds. These seeds are available to grow indoor with a white strain and fairly easy to grow, costing you around $3 per seed. The effects of this plant are very potent with a harsher taste. They will begin sprouting quite quickly, and will take up to two and a half months to fully sprout. It is a non-feminized seed, with some of the best growing reviews around.

No matter which best cannabis seeds of the year 2010 you decide to grow in your home, you are sure to receive some of the best results around. There is always more potent plants becoming easier to grow as time goes on. Keep this cannabis seeds in mind next time you decide to start your yearly growing. Enjoy growing some of the best cannabis seeds of the year 2010, and the benefits you will reap from growing them.

Ministry of Cannabis is a cannabis seeds bank, based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, specialized in marijuana seeds and feminized cannabis seeds.

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