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  • Published June 2, 2010
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Running a catering business efficiently is not that easy, one of the most important issues in a commercial kitchen is the catering equipment, its quality and uses. The catering industry is getting ever more popular, purely for the fact that more and more people are eating out in the UK.

Eating out is more popular in Britain today, than it has ever been, and for the first time ever figures show that in 2006 the British people spent more on eating out in restaurants and pubs than on cooking for themselves.

The market reports show that there has been a huge move to pubs providing food and their share of the eating out market has risen by 82 per cent in the past decade, as busier lifestyles don’t leave much time for cooking at home, it is predicted that the growth for dining out in restaurants will continue in 2010.

Commercial catering to be a success and gain the desired amount of profit demands that the best catering equipment and commercial refrigeration is in place in the kitchens.

Different types of appliances are used in the kitchen, and no kitchen can function properly without good quality catering equipment. Commercial catering equipment is the complete package of appliances or equipment which will include commercial refrigeration units, ovens, mixers and a whole host more, in addition to this, utensils, cutlery and tableware.

The mindset of most new comers to the business will be thinking that the appliances for a commercial kitchen are only needed to prepare food, wrong; you will need high quality equipment to not only prepare, but serve the food in a timeframe that will satisfy your customers.

Every food outlet such as bars, hotels, restaurants, clubs, and many more have a need for good quality catering equipment, so if you are in business make it easy on yourself and choose the best catering and commercial refrigeration supplier out there, if you do, you will get quality and value for money every time.

Ward’s Catering is a reputable company supplying commercial catering and refrigeration equipment, and have been in the industry for many years, their portfolio of clients include pubs, restaurants, hotels, and governmental bodies, including the military, schools and hospitals.

Ward’s Catering based in Clifton Moor York carries one of the largest ranges of catering equipment in the UK, and to ensure quality service and peace of mind for all their customers they only supply recognized manufacturers products. Their web site is very user friendly and explicit to the finest detail on any product.

The site will navigate you through each category and then give explicit details of the capabilities of the appliance, for example, a dishwasher will list the controls, choice of wash cycle, capacity of racks, detergent and rinse air injecting, recommendations on water softener and if you require more advice there is a contact number for you to ring.

Make it easy on yourself and deal with the best, Ward’s Catering at the top of their game in the supply of catering and commercial refrigeration equipment is the ‘one stop’ supplier for all your catering needs.

For further information visit: www.wardscatering.co.uk

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Kathy Prince
Kathy Prince · 10 years ago
Good articles. Eco Friendly tableware is becoming popular for some events. You might add a new feature of going green events.